What is your metabolic type?


As you respond to this questionnaire, please answer all of the questions based on your condition today, not on how you might feel or think you should feel. In each question, choose the answer or scenario that most closely describes you. At the end of the questionnaire, the test will automatically add up the scores from all of the sections to reveal your Meta-type, which is the metabolic category that fits you best.

1. When do you have your best energy?

Very early in the morning (around 5 AM), before anyone else wakes up.

As soon as I wake up in the morning (around 7 AM).

Usually in the mid-morning (around 10 AM).

Late morning or around noon is my best energy.

Afternoon and evening is when my energy is the highest.

I have the most energy at night.


2. What are your sleep patterns?

I can have insomnia - it's often difficult for me to fall asleep.
If I'm under stress, I find it hard to fall asleep.
It's easy for me to fall sleep, but I wake up often if I'm stressed.
Most of the time, I find it easy to fall sleep.
I'm out like a light in no time at all - stress or no stress.
At almost any time of the day or night, I can fall asleep.

3. How do you feel about exercise?

I love to exercise and it's a priority.
I'm bored with "routine" exercises and need variety, such as dance.
I exercise once in a while and I always feel better.
If my schedule allows time, I'll make an effort to exercise.
I rarely exercise.
I hate exercising and avoid it like the plague.

4. How do you deal with stress?

(Stress is the body's short-term response to a triggering event - which can be either positive or negative - perhaps an accident, birth of a baby, new job, move, illness, even planning a party.)

I thrive on stress and intensity - it keeps me energized.
I handle stress easily and stay calm and very focused.
I usually can effectively work through stressful events.
I deal fairly well with stress but tire easily if it's prolonged.
I'm very sensitive to stress and it quickly takes a toll on me.
I am extremely vulnerable to stress and don't handle it well at all.