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Do You Want to Thrive?

Constant weight gain, sluggishness, no motivation, tiredness and just “not plain feeling good” has become the “norm” for our society. Over and over, hundreds of new fad diets are tried by thousands of people only resulting in possible short lived weight loss, no energy gain and the aches and pains continue.

There is NO “one size fits all” health plan or diet! You must have a health plan from a holistic medicine doctor that’s personalized for your own needs, YOU. We are all so different, so individual that we can’t expect success from a “one size fit all” health plan. Why do some people crave sugar and others crave fat? You can’t expect the health plan that works for your friend to work for you.

What Makes YOU Unique?

Drawing on both Western and Eastern health philosophies, Dr. Dane, a holistic medicine doctor, discovered that all life is based on energy and how it affects every individual. Western science, concerned with only the parts of man, teaches us how the body function s while Eastern medicine, which sees man (and all of life) as a whole, teaches us how energy makes the body function.

Eastern medicine taught by a holistic medicine doctor shows us that this energy is composed of two main energies that flow throughout the universe in different strengths but are always in balance. The “negative” energy, “Yin,” possesses a feminine polarity that is receptive, dark, cold, slow, and emotive. The “positive” energy, however, “Yang,” possesses a masculine polarity that is assertive, light, fast, and intellectual.

Eastern medicine regards every individual as functioning according to his or her own unique Yin-Yang energetic balance, and that balance controls the workings of each person’s metabolism. Therefore, we each have our own specific nutritional requirements that guide the way we break down food and utilize energy for tissue repair, cell regeneration, and energy.

Western science revealed that the physical action behind our metabolism is regulated by our body’s nervous system, which is divided into two parts: the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls our body’s automatic processes, including our metabolic activity, and it’s also divided into two complementary regulators that work together: the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems.

Both systems act in tandem, creating and maintaining balance to keep the body functioning optimally and ready for life’s demands. They are interdependent, yet synchronized to work together, as impulses from one set activate while impulses from the other inhibit. Both Eastern medicine and Western science teach us that energy is the motivating force of all things in the universe.

Dr. Dane, an experienced holistic medicine doctor, integrated the philosophies of both Eastern medicine and Western science and developed a unique program, Metabolic Balance Program to help you achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony – and, in the process, makes you healthier, happier, and more productive.

The approach of our holistic medicine doctor celebrates the physical differences among us and teaches us how to find a health regimen suitable to our individual metabolism which gives you exactly what you need to do to achieve optimal health.

The Metabolic Balance Program

By bridging your body’s energy and metabolism with your personality, Dr. Dane’s program unites mind, body, and spirit into an authentic model. That’s what makes her program so successful.

Dr. Dane’s program works because it’s customized to your own body’s energy type … your Energetic Metabolic Type, which she calls your “Meta-Type.” “Meta-Type” is a word coined by Dr. Dane to describe six basic energy profiles based on the individual energy flows within each person. These energetic patterns determine a person’s personality, what they think, how they feel, what type of energy is available to them, how much sleep they need, even down to the way they metabolize their foods and burn off their calories.

In effect, Dr. Dane, a natural and complementary medicine doctor, is redefining the concept of metabolism according to Eastern Medicine by expanding it to encompass the WHOLE PERSON, not just limiting it to how fast or slow your system runs. This is the ONLY WAY to approach health, and all of life for that matter. By healing the WHOLE PERSON body, mind, emotions, heart and Spirit.

Metabolic Balance Program is a LIFESTYLE Program based upon Dr. Dane’s revolutionary philosophy which combines the best of both Eastern Medicine and Western Science not only to help you balance your weight, but to reduce your stress and help you lead a happier, more rewarding life! Learn more about Meta-Types

Discover Your Meta-Type

We all fall into one of the six basic energetic patterns that are fueled by the two main energies flowing throughout the universe. These are known as positive-negative, male-female, light-dark, fast-slow, intellect- emotion, passive-aggressive and in Eastern terms: Yang and Yin.

Your Meta-Type is determined  by which of these two energies has the strongest dominant action of in your body. They can be determined through the actions of the parasympathetic nervous system by the passive, feminine and emotional energy flow (Yin) or the sympathetic nervous system powered by the action oriented masculine and intellectual energy flow (Yang). Of these two energies, one energy will be more dominant in each person. The varying degrees in which they are combined in your body defines WHO you are emotionally, mentally and physically.

They influence every aspect of your life, not only the rate at which you burn calories, but your cravings for particular foods, your changing energy levels throughout the day, the nutrition, rest and exercise you need, even your personality! Dr. Dane’s six Meta-types are grouped by threes under two master types, the Accelerators (Yang oriented) and the Synthesizers (Yin oriented.)

Each Meta-type reflects the relationship of the two main categories of energy depending on which is more, or less dominant in an individual’s body.

As a natural and complementary medicine expert, Dr. Dane has carefully created a Free Metabolic Meta-Type Test. So, the first step to better health is to discover your meta type. By taking this test, you’ll discover your key aspects of the five principle “life areas” that comprise your total physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being”:

Your Energy Patterns

  • What kind of energy is available to you                    
  • How much sleep you need
  • How you metabolize your foods
  • How you burn off calories

Your Personality

  • What you think and feel                       
  • How you respond to stress

How You Function in Life

  • What your food cravings are                         
  • What type of food you require

Your Physical Appearance

  • How your body reveals its inner health condition   
  • How your weight patterns demonstrate your least effective or dominant endocrine glands

How You Deal with Your Feminine and Masculine Energy

  • How, as a male or female, you interact with the world around you
  • How you deal with your sexuality

How Do I Get Started?

It’s simple, easy and quick – Dr. Dane has it all set out for you! Just follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll soon learn how to discover the matchless healthy, vibrant and forever young lifestyle devoid of aches and pains that brings out the BEST in YOU!

  1. Learn about Dr. Dane’s unique approach for balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels – the Whole You – resulting in peace, harmony and balance in your life – as well as weight loss if desired, by clicking onto What’s A Meta-Type and read the “Overview of the Meta-types” if you wish more information than was presented to you on these pages.
  2. Take the FREE Meta-Type Questionnaire to learn your Meta-Type.
  3. Once you have identified your Meta-Type, Dr. Dane’s program provides a complete, detailed, step-by-step program to a better you. No other health plan has all these in-depth, personalized recommendations for natural remedies, just for your metabolic type! There are six action-oriented reports for each Meta-Type as well as specifically formulated supplements for your unique needs by visiting our Health Products Store to order reports and natural products that can help you to restore your balance by returning you back to your natural Meta-Type.
  4. After you take the free Meta-Type test and find out what Meta-Type you are, enter your e-mail and we will send you Part 1 of your In-Depth Report for Free and a coupon for 20% off your first order. Contact Us with questions.

Which Meta-Type Are You?

Find out who you are! Take your free Meta-Type Profile test and learn your Meta- Type in just minutes. Learn more about YOUR UNIQUE SELF!

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