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Many patients turn to Dr. Elizabeth Dane at a point when their lives have become most stressful. Compounded over time, stress can inflict considerable damage on the body and may result in any number of health problems. Dr. Dane´s methodology affects every aspect of a person’s life. She not only combats the symptoms, but searches out the root of the problem, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

She teaches her patients what their individual body TRULY needs, by utilizing her knowledge of Eastern Medicine, interwoven with her expertise in Western sciences. But more than that, her program expands her clients’ relationship to their own body in a much broader sense – they realize that all their health issues involve dealing with their mind, emotions, heart and spirit – the cornerstone of Eastern Medicine.

Dr. Dane’s unique “Meta-Type” Metabolic Balance Program combines both Eastern Medicine and Western Science to help her patients address the issues of stress, illness, fatigue, disease and obesity. This is achieved through discovering a person’s individual and unique metabolic profile. Then, the total balance of a person is achieved, culminating in the unification of their body, mind, emotions and spirit by using  proper nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, weight management, meditation, fitness and exercise programs, as well as massage and acupressure therapy that is geared to their unique metabolism.

How Dr. Dane Works with Clients

Dr. Dane ask that each of her patients accept a leading role in their own healing process. She also requires an open mind and a willingness to try alternative forms of therapy. Many of her patients come to her after having found little success with other medical treatments, and Dr. Dane fully understands the frustration that goes with searching for effective healing.

Dr. Dane states:

“I know these approaches work because they’ve been clinically tested as I’ve helped my own clients. The ideas evolved from my need to help – not only myself, but people who came to me with a wide variety of health problems, not just weight management, but problems like chronic fatigue, diabetes, severe allergies, arthritis, cancer, sleep disturbances, fertility issues and back and joint pain. But the biggest issue in these problems was — their stress management.”

  • The first step in Dr. Dane’s program is to find out the Meta-Type of her client by asking questions that will enable her to fill out an psychological in-depth questionnaire which helps her discover your individual Meta-Type. Dr. Dane states, “My approach to helping a person heal is to first, discover your unique metabolic personality – in other words if you are a fast, slow or intermediate “metabolizer” which determines your Meta-Type and what foods, supplements, herbs, exercise and aromatherapy that’s best for your unique metabolic profile.”


  • In the second step, Dr. Dane will then choose the food plan most appropriate for your profile and will also create a supplement program (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) specifically designed for your unique needs. Dr. Dane may also suggest fresh juice combinations, homeopathic remedies or herbs that are also best suited to your needs. You may also be directed to use certain types of modalities that will help you achieve balance in a shorter time frame, such as massage therapy, acupressure, visualization, exercise, deep breathing and even contemplation or meditation. Dr. Dane may also suggest that you call her at certain times to give her an “update” of your progress and answer any questions that you might have.
  • The third step takes place when you have become stronger and more balanced. Dr. Dane will revamp your food plan and supplement program according to your progress and/or you may be given certain types of cleansing or detoxification programs, including fresh juices, herbal combinations, certain types of food combinations and certain types of massage or acupressure therapy. Dr. Dane uses these types of modalities to rid your body of toxic wastes, environmental pollutants, excess drugs, toxic emotions and excess toxins produced from the “Stress Response”.


  • In the fourth step, Dr. Dane will begin to integrate and regenerate your whole body, especially your immune system and your endocrine gland systems which are responsible for your emotions and spirit. She accomplishes this by using different food combinations, supplements and herbal combinations, stretching exercise techniques and meditation to balance all of your levels – and help you to realize your FULL POTENTIAL – being your BEST SELF!”

“After being treated by Dr. Dane, not only did I feel unburdened of my sorrows, but something physical was happening to me. I began to see the connections between anger and how it was manifesting itself physically. My skin never looked better and my spirits began to soar. Elizabeth is…a great humanitarian and doctor”


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Call to arrange a consultation: (434) 262-2076

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