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Discover Your Meta-Type


Meta-TypesMeta-Type is a concept created by Dr. Elizabeth Dane. In over 31 years of clinical practice in complementary medicine, Dr. Dane has discovered the six basic metabolic energy patterns of people. We all fall into one of these energy patterns, which are based on the two main energies that flow throughout the universe. These are known as positive-negative, male-female, light-dark, fast-slow, intellect-emotion, and in Eastern terms, yin-yang.

Of these two energies, in each person one type will be more dominant. The varying degrees to which they are combined defines WHO you are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They influence every aspect of your life – right down to what your body truly needs in terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Your Meta-Type influences the key aspects of the five principal “life areas” that comprise your total physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being including:

Meta-TypesYour Energy Patterns

  • What kind of energy is available to you 
  • How much sleep you need
  • How you metabolize your foods
  • How you burn off calories

 Your Personality

  • What you think and feel
  • How you respond to stress


How You Function In Life

  • What your food cravings are
  • What type of food you require


Your Physical AppearanceMeta-Types

  • How your body reveals its inner health condition
  • How your weight patterns demonstrate your least effective or dominant endocrine glands

How You Deal With Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

  • How, as a male or female, you interact with the world around you
  • How you deal with your sexuality


Learn to Celebrate Yourself!

Knowing what your Meta-Type is, will teach you what your body truly needs in terms of food, exercise and lifestyle. And you’ll learn that all your health issues deal not only with your body but your mindemotionsintellect, heart and spirit – giving you a long, healthy and fulfilling life in which you make use of the skills and talents that are most “YOU”. You will learn to “discover” and “uncover” the best “you”!

What´s Your MetaType?

By taking this fun Meta-type questionnaire (it’s only 17 short multiple-choice questions), you’ll find out exactly how your body functions best emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


As you respond to this questionnaire, please be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Answer all the questions based on your condition today, not on how you might feel or think you should
  • In each question, choose the answer or scenario that most closely describes you. You may want to have the input of a person close to you to help determine your answers.
  • At the end of the questionnaire, the test will automatically add up the scores from all the sections to reveal your Meta-type, which is the metabolic category that fits you best.
  • Once you’ve determined your Meta-type, simply click the link on the Meta-Type Answer Page and discover wonderful insights about yourself, as well as the eating plan, nutritional supplements, exercises, and herbs that are perfect just for you.
  • Keep in mind that no one fits every single aspect of a Meta-type. The science of metabolic types is accurate, but almost everyone experiences some characteristics that cross over into another Meta-type.

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If you are almost evenly divided into two types:

When you’ve answered the questions in the Meta-Type Test and have found that you are almost evenly divided into two types – you are in the “Pendulum Effect”. You have been exhibiting habits of either the hyper or hypo profile as well as your own. Use the profile with the highest number of answers – even if it is only by 1 point. Then, use the programs (In-Depth Report, Food Plan, Supplement Report and Exercise Report) for that Meta-Type. In 3 to 6 months, TAKE THE TEST again. You’ll find your answers will be different, and you’ll be closer to your own natural meta-type.