Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve tried so many other diet books, so why should I buy yet another book and try yet another diet?

A: Don’t feel bad if you have tried and failed — the odds were stacked against you! Statistics show that over 90% of dieters put back the weight they lose. My program, The Metabolic Balance Program and my book, Your Body, Your Diet will show you why those other diets are doomed to fail.

First, those other diets probably weren’t personalized to your needs. We are all so different, so individual; we can’t expect success from a “one size fits all” diet. Why do some people crave sugar while others crave fat? You can’t expect the diet that works for your friend to work for you.

Second, you must recognize that your weight isn’t the real problem; it is just a symptom of your body being out of balance. The Metabolic Balance Program and my book, Your Body, Your Diet, are not just another diet plan or book; it’s a healthy lifestyle program about becoming the healthiest, most vital and vibrant person you can be — AND reaching your optimal weight in the bargain! On my program, the weight stays off permanently because you finally discover a plan that suits YOUR body’s needs.

Q: How else is your program different from other diet plans out there today?

A: First, it’s not some “fad” diet that teaches you how to take off 30 pounds in 30 days, just to see that weight creep right back on you. My Program gives you all the tools you need for weight management for life. It’s wonderful to see how relieved my clients are to get off the weight gain, weight loss roller coaster, and discover they can stay at their optimum weight year after year.

But let’s compare my program with what else is out there:

  • As I said, this is not a “one size fits all” diet, like Dr. Atkins approach (and many others before him!). It should just be common sense by now that it’s impossible for a single diet plan to work for everyone. We all know someone who can eat all the fat or sugar they want and not gain a single pound, so trying to squeeze into someone else’s diet is like trying to squeeze into their shoe size — it just won’t work.
  • Also, it’s not a “boost your metabolism” diet designed simply to try to artificially burn calories faster. People literally “burn out” on this type of diet, which is really an attempt to change who you are, how your body works — and goes against your individual metabolic needs! Believe it or not, many people with weight problems already have a fast metabolism!
  • Finally, it is not a diet based solely on your blood type, like Dr. D’Adamo’s diet. Although this is an interesting theory, this is much too narrow of an approach: what makes you “you” is much more than your blood type. To find a personal diet that works for you, many other aspects must be considered.

The Metabolic Balance Program is about finding out who you are – what your Meta-Type is – and what will work for you as an individual.


Q: What do you mean by “Meta-Type” and how can I discover what my Meta-Type is?

A: “Meta-Type” is a word I’ve coined from Eastern and Western Medicine to describe six basic energetic profiles based on the individual energy flows within each person’s body. These energetic patterns – or matrixes — determine a person’s personality: how they think, how they feel, as well as what type of energy is available to them, how much sleep they need, what type of foods they require – even down to the way they metabolize their foods and burn off their calories.

In effect, I’m redefining the concept of metabolism, according to Eastern Medicine, by expanding it to encompass the whole person — not just limiting it to how fast their system runs. This is how Eastern medicine approaches health — and all of life, for that matter – by healing the whole person – not just the body, but the mind, emotions, heart and spirit. So, you see, the concept of Meta-Types is extremely significant in dealing with any weight and health problems!

You can discover your own Meta-Type by using the easy questionnaire on this website – then compare your answers with the descriptions of the 6 types described in the Overview of the Meta-Types to help confirm your results. Next, click on your Meta-Type link on my website and you’ll discover all the tools you’ll ever need to stay vibrantly healthy while losing and maintaining your weight: your special foods, elixirs, juices, herbal teas, vitamins and minerals, the best times to eat, aromatherapy combinations, Bach flower remedies, exercises and specific acupressure points for each Meta-Type.


Q: You said your approach is based in part on Chinese medicine — but is there really any scientific validity to Chinese medicine?

 A: As you know, Eastern Medicine has been a respected healing science for centuries, and in the past decade, some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions have endorsed it. For example, the World Health Organization of the United Nations, or WHO, recently recommended the use of Eastern Medicine for more than 47 severe medical conditions, ranging from acute bronchitis to irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, sciatica, and ulcer pain.

Now, more than 2,000 Medical doctors in America use Eastern Medicine, combining its approach with the best from Western science and over the past ten years, more and more scientists,doctors, researchers, and just regular people have come to respect the wisdom of Chinese medicine and have drawn on it’s powerful and proven methods.

In the Metabolic Balance Program and in my book, Your Body, Your Diet, doctors, researchers, and just regular people have come to respect the wisdom of Chinese medicine and have drawn on its powerful and proven methods.

Q: You say your program is based not just on Chinese medicine but also on Western science – what is the underlying scientific basis for your work?

A: Let’s compare the two sciences for just a minute. Now, in Eastern Medicine, the very first thing we do to heal any dysfunction, is to balance the two-principle universal energies in a person’s body. These energies are known as: positive and negative – male and female — hot and cold — yin and yang. As I’ve said, they determine how a person uses their feelings, intellect and their personality -as well as the way their physical body functions.

In Western neuro-science, the balancing of these two principle energies is seen as we balance the energies of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems – within the these two principal energies are seen as two basic Meta-Type categories: Accelerators — the fast metabolizers under the “speedier” sympathetic nervous system — and the Synthesizers — the slow metabolizers who are controlled by the more “regenerative” parasympathetic nervous system.

Within these two basic categories, the six Meta-Types are distinguished by determining how much or how little each type is more dominated by either the sympathetic nervous system or the parasympathetic nervous system — and therefore, which of their endocrine glands are more dominant and which are “weaker” or less effective. In fact, my system is the first synthesis of Eastern medicine with Western science!

Q: You’ve had a very successful practice for 40 plus years – with numerous celebrity clients — why haven’t you written your Meta-Type approach before?

A: The answer is simple — the Metabolic Balance Program and my book, Your Body, Your Diet, are the culmination of those 40 years of clinical practice. I’ve spent a great many years researching the science, putting the approach together, honing it, developing all the tools that are presented in my book and in my program — the diets, the recipes, the exercises, and so on.

I know they work because they have been clinically tested as I’ve helped my own clients. The ideas evolved from my need to help – not only myself, but people who came to me with a wide variety of health problems, not just weight management, but problems like chronic fatigue, severe allergies, arthritis, cancer and fertility problems. But the biggest issue in all was — their stress management.

Q: Why is stress management so critical?

A: Stress is THE critical factor that causes people to “flip” out of their Meta-Type, causing all kinds of body imbalances and crazy food cravings which lead to weight gain – or loss – and illness.  It’s crucial that people recognize the role stress plays in health.

Stress can drive people to behave very differently from who they really are. For instance, in the Accelerator categories, stress can cause their insulin levels to skyrocket and they start piling on the pounds as their anxiety levels rise and they become hyperactive – the can’t calm down. In the Synthesizer categories, stress slows their metabolism down almost to a halt, their weight won’t budge, their depressions set in, and they end up with fatigue and lethargy – the veritable “couch potato.”

The single biggest cause of weight gain is not just eating, it’s eating out of your Meta-Type parameters and when you’ve flipped out of your Meta-Type, it’s not just weight that becomes a problem — all sorts of other ailments can ensue, like headaches, bad complexion, nervousness or fatigue.

My Program enables people to recognize when they’ve “flipped” out of their Meta-Type and show them how to get right back into regaining their health and weight goals for the rest of their life.

Q: It sounds like your program changes people’s relationship to their bodies.

 A: Absolutely it does! It teaches them what their individual body TRULY needs — in terms of food, exercise, and lifestyle. But more than that, it expands their relationship to their own body in a much broader sense — they realize that all their health issues — and weight problems — also involve dealing with their mind, their emotions, their spirit, and heart.

Now, that’s been a cornerstone of Eastern medicine for centuries and my program shows in detail how to apply it to us in the West.

Q: It seems there’s a real need to make a commitment to your program –why should I do all this – just to lose weight?

A: We must all understand one thing VERY clearly. There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to health or weight issues. So, I think you need to ask yourself some questions! Do you love yourself or even like yourself?

Don’t you want to have a long, healthy, fulfilling life, where you use all the skills and talents that are “you”? What my program does is enable people to see that they deserve the best for themselves — that you deserve to uncover the best “You.” It’s a commitment to discovering yourself as well as losing and maintaining your weight or to feel better

Q: Have you uncovered the best “You?” Who is Elizabeth Dane, apart from your alternative health practice?

A: Well, I grew up in the West – Colorado and California. My current practice is in Maine along with telephone and computer consultations and I also conduct various workshops. I had 3 grown sons: one lives in Norway, one sadly died in 2015, and one lives in Iowa. I’ve eight fantastic grandchildren and I’m SO proud of them with six incredible great-grandchildren! Now, we raise Maine Coon Cats and Beagles, herbs, and flowers. My office is decorated with figurines from Bali and around the world that express the continual growth for both my clients and myself and I keep uncovering “My Best Self” year after year – growing, evolving, and becoming – it NEVER STOPS!.