Balance Your Weight

How would your life change if this time was the last time you  had to worry about the best way to BALANCE your weight?

If you’ve struggled to lose or balance your weight, I can tell you after a lifetime in holistic medicine that this is true: It’s not your fault. Your own body is working against you. No one diet or food plan works for all people. Everyone is unique. One type of diet can make one person gain weight and make them sick, while the same diet for another person acts as a miracle food plan. It’s all about your own individual metabolism.    

Is Any of This True For You?

  • You get off to a great start on a new diet, but you yo-yo diet and would love to just find something sustainable for you that really works!
  • You look in the mirror and feel like a failure. If only you had more willpower surely, you’d have the body you desire. 
  • You lost a lot of weight – once – and then gained it all back, almost as if your body is fighting you.

The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight…AND Keep It Off

After three decades of research into the deep mysteries of Chinese medicine and Western Science, I’ve discovered the true reason why YOU (and so many others) just can’t lose weight and keep it off. It’s because the diets you’ve tried were not personalized to your own specific, personal needs! We’re all so different, so individual, that we can’t expect success from a “one size fits all” diet, one you just pick up in a book or on some website somewhere. You can’t expect the diet that works for your friend to work for you.

The Key to It All Is How Your Metabolism Functions.

Your metabolism is not just about burning off or storing fat. It’s how you use it for quick bursts of energy and strength, and how you calm, restore, and rejuvenate yourself to handle stress, avoid burnout or depression and slow the aging process.

Remember that playground seesaw? Balance is the name of the game with weight loss as well. A weight disorder is only a symptom. The primary problem is metabolic imbalance.Understanding and working to balance your personal, metabolic equation is what makes the Metabolic Balance Program so unique and so effective.

Dr. Dane’s program works because it’s customized to your own body type … your Metabolic Type, which she calls your “Meta-Type.” Best of all, by following this program, your body will work with you, not against you.

Ann Reinking, Broadway star of “Chicago“On Dr. Dane’s metabolism diet plan, I lost the first ten pounds very quickly, then the next ten began to come off. But it wasn’t just the weight – I was sleeping better. I had more energy…. my skin got better – even my eyes sparkled. The results were dramatic.”

Ann Reinking, Broadway star of “Chicago”

Dr. Dane’s program takes you beyond fad diets forever … it provides you with a life-long plan for eating in balance with your Meta-Type.

So, take the first step toward a healthier you – just complete the free Metabolic Type Test to learn instantly what’s your Meta-Type!

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