Meet Dr. Elizabeth Dane

Dr. Elizabeth Dane PhotographIn private practice since 1976 in New York, California, Virginia and now Maine, Dr. Dane has earned a  reputation as one of today’s foremost practitioners of Complementary Medicine.

Because of her own frustrating and unsatisfactory experiences with Western medicine in her mid-twenties, Dr. Elizabeth Dane eventually turned toward Eastern medicine and Alternative Health modalities. She earned degrees as an O.M.D. (Oriental Medical Doctor) and Ph.D. in Chinese Medicine and philosophy. She is also certified in Hypnotherapy.

For over 41 years, Dr. Dane has been pioneering an approach that draws on the best that Eastern Medicine and Western Science have to offer. Dr. Dane’s unique system combines both approaches and a variety of proven modalities to help her clients successfully address the issues of diet, nutrition, fitness and weight management along with a wide variety of difficult health problems such as chronic fatigue, severe allergies, arthritis, infertility, and critical issues such as stress management.

While Dr. Dane has studied widely in Eastern and Alternative disciplines, she does not dismiss what is of value in mainstream Western medicine and science. She merges her knowledge of both traditions, frequently working in tandem with Western medical doctors to heal patients.

Dr. Dane´s book, Your Body, Your Diet and her Metabolic Balance Program are the culmination of more than 40 years of research and clinical practice conducted by her. She has helped countless people achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony. In the process, Dr. Dane’s program has made them healthier, happier, and more productive individuals.

Notable clients include actresses Angelica Huston, Stockard Channing, Lois Chiles, and Carole Shelley; songwriters James Taylor, Carol Bayer Sagan, and Carly Simon; Broadway stars Bebe Neuwirth and Ann Reinking; television correspondent Paula Zahn; jazz great John Lewis; trial lawyer Michael Kennedy; documentary producer/director/writer Adriana Trigiani; authors and editors Jane Amsterdam, Jay McInerny, and Edna O’Brien; and even Mount Everest summiteer Sandy Pittman Hill.

Dr. Dane is increasingly in demand as a speaker and workshop leader, addressing such diverse organizations as New York University Hospital, the NBA Convention in Orlando, Florida, and the International Association of Women Professionals in New York.

Spirited and truly ageless, Dr. Elizabeth Dane makes the best case for her own program. “I keep uncovering “my best” year after year – growing, evolving and becoming,” she comments.

“I have always stayed out of the limelight because my journey has been for my own regeneration. Now, after so many years of training, research, and systematizing my own approach to healing, the time is right to share it with others through my book, Your Body, Your Diet and my Metabolic Balance Program presented on my website.”
Dr. Dane’s Philosophy

Drawing on both Eastern and Western Medicine, Dr. Dane has coined the term “Meta-Type” to describe six basic patterns of energy that she has found in people. Your “Meta-Type” is more than just your metabolism – more than just how fast or slow your system the runs – it describes your WHOLE PERSON – your body, mind, emotions, heart and spirit! Dr. Dane states:

“Using all the principles I have learned, I now fully comprehend the crucial role metabolism plays in every individual’s well-being. Whether the problem is weight loss, chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety or a variety of other challenges, they can only be addressed by looking at the WHOLE PERSON. That is why I create unique, personalized plans for each client, whether he or she tends basically to be one of the faster-burning Accelerator Meta-Types or a slower-burning Synthesizer Meta-Types.”

“Being with Elizabeth Dane and implementing her program for my individual needs helped carry me through the next phase of my life. Without her program, I would have never been able to have the physical and mental stamina to carry through on preparing for my new Broadway show.”

–Mercedes Ellington

Choreographer, dancer, actress and singer; Grand-daughter of Duke Ellington

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