Holistic Doctor Meta-Type Assessment Test

Meta-Type Profiling Questionnaire From Our Holistic Doctor

Instructions on How To Determine Your Meta-type

This questionnaire is designed to help you determine your Meta-type – the category that describes how you produce energy. It is divided into five sections that each deal with a different primary aspect of your life. These sections represent the five “life areas” that are highly influenced by your individual Meta-Type:

  • Your Energy Patterns
  • Your Personality
  • How You Look
  • How You Function in Life
  • How You Deal with Your Sexuality

In responding to this questionnaire, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Answer all questions created by our holistic doctor based on your condition today, not how you might feel or ought to feel.
  2. When you’ve answered all the questions in a section, the computer will add up your score at the end of that section
  3. At the end of the entire questionnaire, your computer will add up the scores for all five of the sections to discover your Meta-type.
  4. Once you’ve determined which metabolic category you fit into, you’ll quickly be able to find out which diet, nutritional supplements, and herbs are perfect just for you.

Please Note

Keep in mind that no one fits every single aspect of their Meta-type profile. Look over the six Meta-type profiles to find the one that seems the most familiar, then compare this with your highest score to make the right decision. The science of metabolic types is accurate, but there are always some “crossover” characteristics from other similar Meta-types.

Remember, an extended Stress Response can cause you to “flip out of your Meta-type” into another type — usually into the type that is just “above” you. Or – if you are exhausted and “burned-out” – you may have fallen into the one “below” your own energy type. If this might be your situation, continue taking the metabolic balance test and follow the instructions for the Meta-type that comes up for you which will help you regain your metabolic balance. In 3 to 6 months, take the Meta-type test again which will reveal your own true Meta-type.

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