Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Remedy Plan



How To Use Your Meta-Type Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Remedy Plan

Dr. Elizabeth Dane’s Meta-Type Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Remedy Plan provides each Meta-Type with the natural tools they need to help them keep in balance within their Meta-type by reducing stress, balancing their minds and bodies, and successfully managing their weight. By using these tools, you will be empowered to create the greatest life you could live! The specific tools provided in this special report include the following:

  • An explanation of what essential oils are and specifically how they work for your Meta-type followed by your customized Meta-type essential oils
  • The customized YOUR Meta-Type “stress-busting” aromatherapy formula, called your own Meta-Type individual Stabilizer”.
  • An explanation of what Bach Flower Remedies are and specifically how they work for YOUR META-TYPE, followed by a list of customized Bach Flower Remedies FOR YOUR Meta-Type.

By carefully reading the sections in this plan, and then applying them in your life daily, you’ll begin to see the great value these tools bring to every single aspect of your life.

Natural “Stress Busters” for Your Meta-Type
How Essential Oils Balance Your Body & Eliminate Stress for Your Meta-Type

Essential oils are one of Mother Nature’s most powerful weapons for helping you achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, reduce your stress, stop the effects of aging, and manage your weight. These healing aids are natural “stress busters” that can help you balance your mind and emotions – a crucial factor if you’re to balance your mind and your body in a healthy lifestyle. In this report, you’ll find the essential oil formulas I’ve developed especially for your Meta-type. These liquid essences have been used for decades by scientists as active ingredients in many commonly-used drugs, such as peppermint oil is an anti- inflammatory substance used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

Others serve the healing roles of antiseptics, anti-neuralgic, anti-spasmodic, anti-toxics, anti-depressants, analgesics – and some even work as great sources of energy. But, what do these oils have to do with balancing our emotions, reducing our stress levels, and managing our weight? And do you drink them or chew them? Good questions – here’s what you do: you smell the aromas of the essential oils, and you drink minute amounts of the Bach Flower Remedies in lesser amounts of water.

Your Meta-Type Essential Oils Formula

Your Meta-Type Formula contains several essential oils and Dr. Dane has a few suggestions about how you might use them. First, she suggests that you put the appropriate number of drops of your specific aromatherapy oils (shown in your report) in a small, airtight container filled with about 4 ounces of the base oil suggested for your Meta-Type. Pour about 2 ounces of that solution into a smaller container and keep it in your briefcase, pocket, or purse throughout the day. Pull it out anytime you feel harried, anxious, or tempted to reach for the wrong food or drink. Rub a small portion over your hands, around your neck, and under your chin.

When making up your individual formula, put the essential oil drops in the bottom of an airtight container, fill it with the base oil, close tightly, shake, and use. Or make up the formula by itself and keep it in a small, airtight bottle. Then you can add the appropriate amount of formula drops to anything you wish – base oil, bathwater, or even a diffuser or bowl of hot water.

Your Meta-Type “Stress-Busting” Aromatherapy Formula

Your Meta-Type’s “Balancer” Or “Stabilizer

Each Meta-Type is either prone to stress, anxiety or depression and can be vulnerable to the world of the “Stress Response” or is in a constant hyperactive and over-productive state of activity. So, Dr. Dane’s objective is to keep you balanced in whatever state you find yourself propelled into by helping your sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system produce those excitatory or calming neurotransmitters to keep you in balance.

Dr. Dane’s put together special Aromatherapy formulas for each Meta-Type that not only excites, stimulates, and regenerates that tired body of yours, or calms, regenerates and balances your over-activity. These formulas will help you be less irritable and depressed, as well as less moody, and it will help to give you an “upbeat” attitude toward life. You’ll feel your worries and depressions just melt away.

Natural “Stress Busters” For Your Meta-Type

How Bach Flower Remedies Balance Your Body & Eliminate Stress for Your Meta-Type

Bach Flower Remedies are diluted essences of essential oils, put into solutions at very small dosages. They work on the same principle as homeopathy – basically, that a very little bit goes a very long way. In this form, the essential oils can be ingested into the body. Bach Flower Remedies also help balance your nervous system and reduce your stress levels which makes it easier to manage your weight.

There are some 38 remedies in all, and Dr. Dane has chosen six that are best suited to your Meta-type and energy. Keep them in your pocket or purse and use them whenever the need arises – even three or four times a day. Dr. Dane has some of her clients use two remedies at a time, but she finds it best to alternate remedies every few days or every week. By then, most of the stressful situations will have come under control or have passed, and you’ll have learned how to cope with stress in a more balanced way.


Dr. Dane lists the specific formulas for your individual Meta-Type. Look at the remedies she’s chosen for YOU that are best for your needs. You can use one or all of them for your specific requirements. Made from nonpoisonous flowers and prepared under the principle of homeopathy (in which less is better), they are safe to use.

You could even drink a whole bottle without any adverse effects. If it’s not the right formula for you, you simply won’t feel any effects – but when it is the correct remedy for you, the results are miraculous.

Stress and the Pendulum Effect

The “Pendulum Effect” – Stress and When You Swing Out Of Type

You may have had a less-than-easy time determining your Meta-type, or you may feel confident in your Meta-type. But, at some point of time in your life, you may feel like another Meta-type – just not feeling like yourself, craving the wrong foods, even feeling like the “opposite” of your usual self. The most common reason people find it difficult to determine or stay in their Meta-type is that they’re usually under so much stress that their metabolism becomes either hyper- or hypo-active. This causes them to “swing” out of their natural type and temporarily function – energetically and emotionally – as a different Meta-type.

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