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How To Use Your Meta-Type Compatibility Plan

Your Meta-type Compatibility Report will deepen your understanding of your own Meta -Type and will explain which Meta-types you are most – or least – likely attracted to…and WHY! This plan provides you with key tools and concepts you’ll need to help you understand, nurture, and enrich all your relationships from your own unique Meta-type’s perspective. It can help you decide which relationships may be worth pursuing and show you how to nurture them. It will also enable you to turn around any relationships that are currently less than you’d like them to be, and it will enrich and deepen any relationships that you are currently enjoying.

Your plan provides you with the following tools to help deepen your understanding of all your relationships and enable you to enhance every relationship you are in:

Meta-type Master Compatibility Matrix – this one-page Master Compatibility Chart gives you a helpful “Big Picture” view of the “relationship chemistry” between the six Meta-types.

But Opposites Can Attract”

As we know from our own experiences, people sometimes may be drawn to a person who is the very opposite of their own personality, and can even form successful friendships, or work or romantic relationships with them. That’s why you’ll sometimes see a note in the Compatibility Analysis saying, BUT Opposites Can Attract.”

For instance, sometimes a person in one of the three Accelerator categories may be attracted to an individual in one of the “opposite” Synthesizer categories, even though typically these are not especially great matches. For example, a pure Accelerator would generally be considered a very poor match for a pure Synthesizer.

However, consider a pure Accelerator who, although he’s very cerebral may have begun to realize that he’s too much “in his head,” and finds his life rather “dry.” He may find himself missing an emotional component in his life. Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine how such an Accelerator could be attracted to a Synthesizer whose intuitive creativity, informativeness, and passionate emotionality greatly appeal to him. It’s almost as though the Synthesizer were “filling the emotional gap” in the Accelerator’s personality, since Accelerators so often are out-of-touch with their emotional and imaginative side. We can also look at this same apparently poor match from the opposite perspective – the Synthesizer’s view. Although, most of the time, a Synthesizer will find an Accelerator too cerebral, distant, and driven, imagine a Synthesizer who’s become frustrated by his or her inability to move his creative and imaginative work out into the real world. This somewhat insecure Synthesizer may be stimulated by how visionary and aggressive this Accelerator is in the real world.

The Synthesizer may then welcome the bold, self-assured Accelerator’s ability to get him or her out of their shell by helping bring the Synthesizer’s creativity out into-the-world in a more assertive manner than the Synthesizer might ever do himself. It’s as though a “gap” were being filled, and this time it may be the Synthesizer’s lack of assertiveness about his own creativity that the Accelerator helps fill in.

This example of how “Opposites Can Attract” is typical of how a seemingly poor or unlikely match may sometimes work because people of two “opposing” Meta- types – a person in one of the three Synthesizer categories and someone in one of the three Accelerator categories – do wind up meeting each other’s unfulfilled needs, thereby providing complementary strengths, abilities, and preferences that can form the basis of a successful relationship.

Meta-Type Master Compatibility Matrix

Dr. Dane has presented the META-TYPE Master Compatibility Matrix to indicate how each meta-type interacts with the others. Use this chart to help you understand the Compatibility between someone of your Meta-Type and anyone else, based on their Meta- Type.

Compatibility Analysis For Your Meta-Type

Who You Really Are! The Compatibility Analysis for the YOUR META-TYPE begins by helping you understand who you really are. To understand why you typically gets along better with some types rather than with others, you must first understand in depth that, as a certain Meta-Type, do you live in your head or emotions? Are you an extroverted type A intellectual personality or an introverted creative type B?

What is the driving force in your life? Do you support and nurture others or are you an empire builder? Do you become engulfed in emotional intensity and sometimes sink into depression or focused only on intellectual accomplishments and soar into anxiety? Can you readily or easily “flip out” of your Meta-type if you get stuck in your emotional or intellectual morass, and can run headlong into the Stress Response and depression or anxiety? What are the words that best describe you? Before you choose a friend, partner or relationship, YOU must FIRST know yourself!

Understanding Your Meta-Types Key Characteristics!

To completely comprehend which of the Meta-Type’s Your Meta-Type is most like or least like – and WHY – you must understand yourself and more about your most prominent tendencies.

This informative section about your Meta-Type supplies you with the extremely important knowledge of your:

  • Psychological Predisposition
  • Your Meta-Type MOTTO
  • Focused Direction in Life
  • Your Specific Energetic Activity
  • How You Respond to Stress and the Damage Stress Can Do
  • Best Energetic Time of Day or Night for You
  • Do You Gain or Lose Weight?
  • Where on Your Body You Hold onto Weight?
  • You Think of Food As
  • Your Sleep Patterns
  • How You Feel About Exercise
  • Your Ideal Exercise – In-depth Descriptions. Invaluable!
  • What Drives You – Your Dominant Endocrine Gland
  • Your Vulnerability – Your Weaker Endocrine Gland
  • About your Meta-Type Appetite
  • Times of Day or Night You Should Eat
  • Types of Food You Should Eat
  • Your Acid/Alkaline Body Type
  • The Weather that is Best for You

Your Meta-Type Master Compatibility Analysis

Dr. Dane describes YOUR META-TYPE’S compatibility with each of the other six other META-TYPES in a three to four paragraph in-depth and detailed description. An invaluable source of information just for you!

Compatibility of Your Meta-Type­ In Different Relationships

Understanding the compatibility of Your Meta-Type in different relationships provides insights into how you function in distinct roles and relationships with the other people in your life. Dr. Dane follows this by describing in detail how you, as Your Meta-Type function in the role of boss, employee, parent, son or daughter, wife or husband and friend. A wonderful guideline to help you travel the world of relationships!

Stress and the Pendulum Effect
The “Pendulum Effect” – Stress And When You Swing Out Of Type

You may have had a less-than-easy time determining your Meta-type, or you may feel confident in your Meta-type. But, at some point of time in your life, you may feel like another Meta-type – just not feeling like yourself, craving the wrong foods, even feeling like the “opposite” of your usual self. The most common reason people find it difficult to determine or stay in their Meta-type is that they’re usually under so much stress that their metabolism becomes either hyper- or hypo-active. This causes them to “swing” out of their natural type and temporarily function – energetically and emotionally – as a different Meta-type.

The E-Books above comprise Dr. Danes Meta-Type Library. They are a quick and simple-way for you to see what will benefit your Meta-Type and to help you pick out what might help your needs whatever they it might be. They give you all the tools you need to have a full and fulfilling life helping you to realize YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

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