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How to use your Meta-Type Exercise and Routines & Body Points Report

Dr. Dane’s Meta-Type Exercise Routines and Acupressure Body Points Program provides all the Meta-Types with the tools they need to help them keep in balance within their own personal Meta-Type by reducing stress, balancing their minds and bodies and successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The specific tools provided in this custom report include: Customized Exercises designed to work specifically for each Meta-Type, preceded by their customized Meta-Type Breathing Techniques and a customized Meta-Type Acupressure Body Points selection specifically selected individually for each Meta-Type, preceded by their own Meta-Point Massage Technique. After reading the sections in these reports and applying them daily into your life, you’ll see the enormous value these tools bring to every aspect of your life.

Sculpting Your Body With Your Meta-Type Exercise Routines

Not all type of exercise is appropriate for everyone. Diverse types of exercise that require bending and stretching of the body have various effects on the energy flows along the meridians of your body. These exercises will either energize or calm the way energy flows along your meridians – which enhances your body’s ability to function in optimum balance. Optimum functioning of your body is vital to your healthy lifestyle and anti-aging program!

The first part of your program is begun by using your essential tool of deep breathing that will completely oxygenate your body while bringing you into your inner center of balance.

The second part of your program is to find out your specific exercise program that is perfect for you. Dr. Dane has worked it all out for you! Learn what is best for you!

Fast metabolizers – those in the three Accelerator Meta-type categories – are already speedy enough, working on excess nervous energy. What they do not need are those types of exercise that will heighten their already high energy or anxiety levels, such as aerobics. The faster metabolizers – the Accelerators, the Balanced Accelerators, and the Mixed Accelerators – need to learn to calm and balance their intense energies. They’re prone to erratic energy flows and anxiety. Exercises that stimulate them would only cause them to burn out very quickly! For their Meta-types, the best forms of exercise are Yoga, T’ai Chi Chuan, Stretches, Bending, or even Ballet! These types of movement contain a system of slow, flowing, and subtle energetic motions or movements. Not only do they energize the body in a calm way, but they strengthen and tonify it as well!

Slower metabolizers – those in the three Synthesizer Meta-type categories – need to stimulate, speed up, and activate their slower energies. They’re prone to very low dips in energy and plummeting into depressions. Their thyroid, adrenals, and thymus glands tend to be their least effective glands, which means they have a slower-acting body. They need exercises that stimulate them! What they do not need are those types of exercise that will further slow their low and sluggish energy levels, such as yoga. Consequently, the slower metabolizers need to speed up their metabolism and that’s why aerobics is the type of exercise for them.

Dr. Dane has broken down your exercises into a series of two sets of routines. The first set can be done on Days 1, 3, and 5, while the second set can be done on Days 2, 4, and 6. Each of the two sets will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Pick the same time each day to exercise, and the same place to exercise. That way, your energy builds up in and around your space. That enables you to easily and quickly exercise daily.






Strengthening and Balancing Your Beautiful Body With Your Meta-Type Body Points.

The Synthesizers and the Accelerators have very different types of energy – either more of the slower Yin regenerative energy or more of the Yang active energy which affect their ability to stay youthful, vibrant and achieve optimal health. This energy runs throughout the body in regular patterns, as in “rivers or streams” that are called meridians. An obstruction anywhere in one of these energy flows can constrict or inhibit the energy in one or more specific parts of your body or make it “overflow” into another. For instance, if there’s a block in your stomach meridian, it will restrict the way in which you digest your food and, ultimately, affect your ability to reach optimal health and stay balanced mentally and physically.

There are twelve main meridians, each of which corresponds to an organ system and endocrine gland. Meridians and their associated organs run in pairs, based on either their Yin or their Yang function. For example, the Yin lung meridian is paired up with the Yang large intestine meridian. Along each of these meridians are certain key areas where the energy gathers and runs closer to your body’s surface. These areas, called the points of the meridians, act as wells, or pools, that hold or store your energy. Now, it’s within these points that the energetic flows of the meridian can be influenced. For instance, the stimulation of these points can unblock any obstructions in the meridians and help re-establish their proper energetic flow. That, in turn, enhances how your body will function energetically. That means that you’ll be able to achieve the strengthening and regeneration of your body, as well as reach a state of optimal health.

These points can easily be stimulated with gentle finger pressure in the form of massage. It is critical to realize that each Meta-type has a set of points unique to its own specific type. Dr. Dane finds it best to have her clients manipulate these points when they first get out of bed in the morning.

This helps correct any imbalance in their energies and prepares them for the day, and enables them to keep their bodies strong and balanced throughout their action-oriented day. She also suggests that they take five or ten minutes before going to bed to massage their specific points again. Their bodies are then prepared to relax and regenerate during the night-time hours of peaceful sleep.

Stress and the Pendulum Effect.

The “PENDULUM EFFECT” – STRESS and When You Swing Out of Type

You may have had a less-than-easy time determining your Meta-type, or you may feel confident in your Meta-type. But, at some point of time in your life, you may feel like another Meta-type – just not feeling like yourself, craving the wrong foods, even feeling like the “opposite” of your usual self. The most common reason people find it difficult to determine or stay in their Meta-type is that they’re usually under so much stress that their metabolism becomes either hyper- or hypo-active. This causes them to “swing” out of their natural type and temporarily function – energetically and emotionally – as a different Meta-type.

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