Food Menu and Eating Plan



How to Use Your Meta-Type Food Menu and Eating Plan

Your Meta-Type’s Eating Habits Overview

Some people LOVE food and love to eat. Others think of food only as functional. Some people crave salt while others crave sugar. Each Meta-Type is different. Learn about your own specific Meta-Type habits and why or why not they’re good or bad for you.

Your Meta-Type’s Detailed Food Group Formula

Are you a vegetarian, omnivore or carnivore? That depends on your Meta-Type and how fast or slow your break down your foods and utilize your energy. The faster metabolizers break down their foods quickly and can handle the faster burning carbohydrates while the slower metabolizers need the slower burning proteins. Each Meta-Type requires a different amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. See what are YOUR Meta-Type’s requirements.

Your Meta-Type’s Comprehensive Acid-to-Alkaline Foods and General Food List

Just as each Meta-Type requires a different percentage of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, each Meta-Type has a different acid to alkaline pH level and requires foods to balance out the alkalinity or acidity. For instance, the Accelerator is the most acidic of the Meta-Types and requires more alkaline foods to balance out his/her natural acidity. See what foods YOU need to keep your Meta-Type in balance!

Your Meta-Type’s Complete “Best” Times to Eat

Some people are “night owls” when their energy is strong and other people are “early birds” as their energy is high in the mornings. Others yet are late morning or afternoon energizer bunnies. The trick here is to eat your meals timed to your body’s best digestive energy levels and to minimize the discomfort and incomplete breakdown of your foods from eating at the wrong times. Do you have a Light or Plentiful Breakfast?

Your Meta-Type’s Thorough “Always, “Never” and “Cheat” Foods

Your “ALWAYS Foods” are the foods that will balance your own specific pH Acid to Alkaline levels. Your “NEVER Foods” are foods that can wreak havoc with your system and should be avoided. For instance, if the very acidic Accelerator ate very acid meat or sugar, it would throw his or her system completely out of balance. He or she may feel an initial surge of energy, but will shortly have an energetic crash and find themselves sleepy and with even lower energy. Your “CHEAT Foods” are the foods to have when there are days that you just must cheat! There’s no need to become obsessed with perfection. If you try to be flawless, you’ll only end up in too much of an acid or alkaline state. Find out what the right or wrong foods are for YOUR Meta-Type!

Your Meta-Type’s Food Combining Guidelines

Properly combining foods is one of the keys to longevity and staying young. It considers the digestive requirements of each food group as well as your body’s digestive environment and metabolic rate. Are you a vegetarian Meta-Type? Then learn how to combine your foods to acquire the appropriate amount of amino acids needed for the health of your body. Eating food in ideal digestive combinations will ensure that the food you eat will be absorbed, utilized properly and liberate precious vitamins, minerals and amino acids for your body’s use.

Your Meta-Type’s Helpful Hints-Making Your Food Plan a Success

From Dr. Dane extensive experience with her clients and vast knowledge, she has developed 12 Special Helpful Hints for each Meta-Type to make their program an enormous success and to be able to reach their short or long-term goals.

Your Meta-Type’s Weekly Menu

It’s all done for you! Your own unique Meta-Type Weekly Menu developed by Dr. Dane. Your meals will be simple to make, many of them with components that can be efficiently prepared ahead of time. Your recipes will feature your “Always Foods” and eliminate your “Never Foods” while taking the guesswork of having to choose the right foods for yourself. With your week’s menu all in place you’ll be eating healthy every day. With the right quantities of food eaten at the right times of day and in the proper food combinations and proportions, you’ll be on the road to your optimal health in mind, body and spirit! Your Meta-Type plan sets it all out for you!

Your Meta-Type’s Shopping List and Equipment List

It’s all done for you according to your own Meta-Type Weekly Menu!

Advance Food Preparation

Dedicating your time once a week for shopping and “prep” work will make preparing the meals for the rest of the week effortless and enjoyable. Step by step instruction for “prepping” your meals according to your own Meta-Type Weekly Menu are clearly written out for you.

Your Meta-Type’s Daily Menu and Recipe Collection

Day 1 through 7 Daily Menu including Recipes all prepared for you – just follow the instructions. Simple and easy.

Some Inspiring Meta-Type Success Stories

The “Pendulum Effect” and the “Stress Response”

When You “Swing” Out of Type (I must put this in the In-Depth Reports)

You may have had a less-than-easy time determining your Meta-type, or you may feel confident in your Meta-type. But, at some point of time in your life, you may feel like another Meta-type – just not feeling like yourself, craving the wrong foods, even feeling like the “opposite” of your usual self. The most common reason people find it difficult to determine or stay in their Meta-type is that they’re usually under so much stress that their metabolism becomes either hyper- or hypo-active. This causes them to “swing” out of their natural type and temporarily function – energetically and emotionally – as a different Meta-type.

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