In-Depth Detailed Personality Profile



Overview for Both the Male and Female Meta-TypeAccelerator In Depth Report

Which describes when they are in balance, when they’re not in balance, their “Dark Side”, the God or Goddess they emanate and a personal female and male story.

The Meta-Type’s Physical Profile

Which defines their energetic activity, their best energetic times, their sleep patterns, the role their dominant endocrine gland play in their life, the type of body patterns they exhibit, their eating habits, the type of exercise that’s good for them, their response to stress, their elimination patterns and how they react to the weather.

The First Four Cornerstones of The Metabolic Balance Program

Which designates an overview of their Meta-Type Food Group Formula, their Meta-Type Acid-to-Alkaline Food Group including their “Always”, “Never” and “Cheat” Foods, their Meta-Types Best Times to Eat and Proper Food Combining.

The Fifth Cornerstone of Their Metabolic Balance Program – The Meta-Types Healing Resources

This describes an overview of the foods, juices, herbs, supplements, aromatherapy and Back Flower remedies that are specifically unique and beneficial for their Meta-Type.

The “Pendulum Effect” and the “Stress Response”

When You “Swing” Out of Type (I must put this in the In-Depth Reports)

You may have had a less-than-easy time determining your Meta-type, or you may feel confident in your Meta-type. But, at some point of time in your life, you may feel like another Meta-type – just not feeling like yourself, craving the wrong foods, even feeling like the “opposite” of your usual self. The most common reason people find it difficult to determine or stay in their Meta-type is that they’re usually under so much stress that their metabolism becomes either hyper- or hypo-active. This causes them to “swing” out of their natural type and temporarily function – energetically and emotionally – as a different Meta-type.

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