Why take Dane Dynamic Supplements over Others?

Many vitamin manufacturers will opt to use low quality ingredients, laced with low cost fillers, such as SUGAR or corn to add bulk to their formulas thereby keeping their manufacturing price very low while reaping huge profits. You may think you’re ingesting a top-quality product but in fact, you’re really ingesting nutrient depleted hay!

Dr. Dane is adamant about the high-quality ingredients that are used in her products, that her formulations are precisely adhered to and how cleanly they’re manufactured. You’ll not find these formulations or quality of products anywhere else!

Dr. Dane firmly believes that the body can heal itself, given the right tools. The FIRST of these tools are the clean, pure and organic ingredients in foods and supplements that will supply the body with the precious nutrients needed for cellular repair! Dr. Dane’s products are exceptional because she has created:

  • Unique and Individualized Formulations
    Dane has created her unique formulations based on the energies found within the universe and our bodies. She has created calming nutrients for the fiery Accelerators and stimulating and regenerating formulas for the slower and creative Synthesizers! Calm and Renew is the ultimate Complete Vitamin-Mineral-Amino Acid Formula for the speedy Accelerators, while Energize is the PERFECT multi-vitamin-amino acid formula for the calmer and creative Synthesizers.
  • Dane’s Supplements Are the Rolls Royce of the Vitamin Industry
    Doctor Dane uses only the highest quality of organically grown food sources for her formulas. They’re clean, filled with abundant nutrients, wholesome, regenerative, pesticide and toxic free! Her high-powered supplements speed the healing process, rejuvenate cellular tissue and promote longevity!
  • Dane’s Supplements are “Squeaky Clean” and Powerful!
    None of Dr. Dane’s products contain any yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein, milk or dairy, corn, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives or coloring. Dr. Dane uses only the natural form of her vitamins, mineral, amino acids and herbs – NO chemical substitutes of any kind are used in her formulations.

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