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Balanced Synthesizer

The Balanced Synthesizer female is the classic family woman, enabler to her partner’s success, the backbone. The Balanced Synthesizer male is devoted to the “family” at work and at home, a non-conformist and sensitive. Both sexes are dominated by their emotions, often shy, and desire a partner; generous in love and in their dedication to others. Both the female and male Balanced Synthesizer find their life’s reward in caring for those closest to them, and in their own special brand of creativity, whether at home or at work.  

They have big hearts and will go the distance to protect and genuinely please others, providing their loved ones with the resources that will help them grow and flourish. AND they love their 3 meals per day. The Balanced Synthesizers need the supplements that calm and balance their more sensitive natures but more importantly, they need those supplements that can energize them when their energies slump since their “master endocrine glands” are the digestive glands, the stomach and pancreas, NOT the endocrine glands that produce energy: the adrenals, thyroid and thymus.

Balanced Synthesizers are dominated by the creative and regenerative Parasympathetic Nervous System and have less stimulation from the energetic Sympathetic Nervous System that produces your body’s energy. When the Balanced Synthesizers are under a lot of stress or anxiety, their Parasympathetic Nervous System may run at high speeds inhibiting the actions of their energetic Sympathetic Nervous System. Their energies will shut down to a snail’s pace and inhibit the stress response’s actions controlled by their shut down adrenal function. This will cause great energy loss and depression. Their thyroid and thymus functions will be inhibited causing weight gain and possible illness. With that kind of imbalance, their master glands, the pancreas will go out of balance and become either hyper or hypo.

They’re in the middle of the acid/alkaline pH spectrum, in the alkaline side having an alkaline forming pH of 7.4.

Dr. Dane suggests the following supplements and herbs for the Synthesizers.

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