Spleen Glandular, 250 mg


Vital for Heart, Blood and Immune Regeneration

Your Spleen is a Blood Reservoir becoming the house of cleaning, repairing, and regenerating your blood. It filters your whole blood just as the lymph nodes filter your lymph fluid!

Your Spleen, during your body’s period of rest at night, fills with blood by the expanding or opening of its blood vessels. The unused blood is cleaned, swept clean of unwanted organisms, and old blood cells are broken down.


The continual movement of lymph fluid through all the lymphatic vessels, the strength of the heart’s action to send the blood plasma to be oxygenated then returned to the body tissues, and the continued strength of your T and B Warriors as well as all of your lymphoid tissue are vital to the life and health of every person! If you have not kept it in balance, your whole system will be in a depressed state and you will have truly little immune protection

Keeping your Spleen strong and healthy, along with your immune system’s T’s, B Cells and Macrophages is vital to the function of your immune system, I suggest you take a Spleen glandular three times per week for maintenance and more often if you’re confronted with any type of dysfunction or illness. Spleen Glandular rapidly instigates the regenerating and repair of your spleen tissue and supports your spleen health. “Like heals Like”. 90 Capsules.

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