Relief from Pain & Illness with a Naturopathic Doctor:

What do you do if pain is affecting the quality of your very life?

You get help and act QUICKLY!

Whether you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a serious or potentially 

life-threatening disease – such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension or heart disease – or have chronic or severe pain from arthritis, back problems, or other causes – Dr. Dane’s ultra-high-potency health products may be able to help you. Dr. Dane’s products combine the best mix of Western Science and Eastern Medicine to help you heal from pain and illness.

Patients Now Accept Alternative Medicine – Including Herbs and Supplements – As a Valid Part of Medical Treatment

A new U.S. government survey shows that nearly 40% of Americans now make use of alternative medicine therapies, including supplements and herbal remedies. And, according to Dr. Melinda Ring, MD, medical director of a clinic at Northwestern University Medical School, “these results are in line with the medical community’s growing acceptance of alternative medicine.”


Doctors Also Now Accept Alternative Medicine as Having Real Benefits

According to Dr. David Eisenberg of the Harvard Medical School, “I think we can conclude that this [approach] is part of the steady state of medical care in the United States … the news is [that] complementary and alternative medicine use by the U.S. public is here to stay.

And Dr. Josephine Briggs, MD, director of the NIH division that studies alternative medicine said: “I am most struck [by] how much people are turning to … alternative medicine approaches as part of the management of chronic pain conditions, particularly chronic back pain, but also neck pain and musculoskeletal pain and headache. And from my days as an internist seeing patients in my office, I know that these are conditions that are hard to manage and tough to treat.”

Dr. Dane’s Products Can Be Used for Many Common Illnesses & Conditions.

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