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Do you Really Want to Thrive?

Dr. Dane genuinely wants you to thrive! She not only wants you to thrive, but also discover WHO you really ARE enabling you to reach your full human potential and have the healthy, happy and prosperous life you were meant to have!

That’s why Dr. Dane spent many years developing her Meta-Type and Metabolic Balance Programs which makes it so easy for you to transform yourself into who you really are!

In the Meta-Type and Metabolic Balance Program, Dr. Dane explains what a Meta-Type is and has constructed a very simple test that determines your Meta-Type. To further your understanding of your Meta-Type, Dr. Dane has very carefully and precisely written six E-Books for each Meta-Type which gives you complete insight and knowledge of yourself and how to integrate the Metabolic Balance Program into your life. You don’t have to go running here or there to find out all this information. It’s all right here for you. These six Meta-Type E-Books include:

Accelerator In Depth Report Your Meta-Type In-Depth Report which describes your own unique personality, what you’re like when you’re in balance and when you’re out of balance; what your potentials can be; what specific foods you should eat; the best times for you to eat; how much sleep you need; how you deal with your weight; the best exercises for you; how you deal with stress; how you deal with your sexuality and how to balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This is “chock full” of so much crucial information about you, it’s a MUST for you to have!

 Your Meta-Type Individualized Food Report which gives you a 30-day menu guide for your own Meta-Type’s individual needs, listing all the foods you should be eating and at the right times of day, all set up in easy menu form, perfectly food combined and giving you the precise acid/alkaline balance for your own unique Meta-Type. Dr. Dane has also provided shopping lists for you, so there’s nothing hard for you to do. It’s easy and simple – just follow the directions and gain back your health!

Your Meta-Type Exercise Program and Body Points Report, a first-time uniquely developed program designed specifically for your Meta-Type. Are you’re an exercise “nut” or a yoga enthusiast? Find out which is the best regimen for you! Dr. Dane has combined powerful breathing exercises integrated with the best type of exercises for your specific Meta-Type. In her Body Point Plan, Dr. Dane illustrates which are the best acupressure points on your body to activate to help energize you, help you relax, rejuvenate you or relieve any aches and pains. It will keep you ageless and forever young!

 Your Meta-Type Supplement Report has been specifically developed for your own unique Meta-Type. In this program, Dr. Dane has outlined which of your endocrine glands are your most powerful or least effective, how they function and what they go through when they become unbalanced. She then lists the precise supplements you require for your Meta-Type and to keep your endocrine glands strong and balanced. Your specific program will include amino acids, vitamins, minerals and some herbs. Dr. Dane lists the amount you require and when it’s best to take them. You don’t need to second guess yourself anymore, if you should or shouldn’t take this vitamin or that mineral. Dr. Dane has laid it all out for you, let the expert do the work for you!

Your Meta-Type Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedy Report. The essences of flowers are one of the most powerful healing influences for you! The flower’s fragrances trigger activation in certain parts of your brain to do many things. They can energize you, calm you down, rejuvenate you, help your awareness expand, help heal you and balance your body, mind, emotions and spirit! Dr. Dane has selected the certain aroma flower essences and Bach Flower Remedies specific to your own unique Meta-Type to bring to “full circle” all the healing tools you need to transform you into your own true self!

 Your Meta-Type Compatibility Report.Learn how you interact with the other Meta-Types OR how they interact with you! This is a wonderful way to understand your loved ones, your children, partner, siblings, friends, relationships at work or new budding relationships! Your life will be so much easier and happier when you understand yourself and how other Meta-types function.


Why take Dane Dynamic Supplements over Others?

Many vitamin manufacturers will opt to use low quality ingredients, laced with low cost fillers, such as SUGAR or corn to add bulk to their formulas thereby keeping their manufacturing price very low while reaping huge profits. You may think you’re ingesting a top quality product but in fact, you’re really ingesting nutrient depleted hay!

Dr. Dane is absolutely adamant about the high quality ingredients that are used in her products, that formulations are precisely adhered to and how cleanly they’re manufactured. You’ll not find these formulations or quality of products anywhere else!

Dr. Dane firmly believes that the body can heal itself, given the right tools. The FIRST of these tools are the clean, pure and organic ingredients in foods and supplements that will supply the body with the precious nutrients needed for cellular repair!

  • Unique and Individualized Formulations

    Dr. Dane has created her unique formulations based on the energies found within the universe and our bodies. She has created calming nutrients for the fiery Accelerators and stimulating and regenerating formulas for the slower and creative Synthesizers! Calm and Renew is the ultimate Complete Vitamin-Mineral-Amino Acid Formula for the speedy Accelerators, while Energize is the PERFECT multi-vitamin-amino acid formula for the calmer and creative Synthesizers.

  • Dr. Dane’s Supplements Are the Rolls Royce of the Vitamin Industry

    Doctor Dane uses only the highest quality of organically grown food sources for her formulas. They’re clean, filled with abundant nutrients, wholesome, regenerative, pesticide and toxic free! Her high-powered supplements speed the healing process, rejuvenate cellular tissue and promote longevity!

  • Dr. Dane’s Supplements are ‘Squeaky Clean’ and Powerful!

    None of Dr. Dane’s products contain any yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein, milk or dairy, corn, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives or coloring. Dr. Dane uses only the natural form of her vitamins, mineral, amino acids and herbs – NO chemical substitutes of any kind are used in her formulations.

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