Dane Dynamic Products by Conditions

Although, discovering your Meta-Type and living by its guidelines outlined in this website insures your healthy life and longevity, Dr. Dane also realizes that many people like a more direct approach to find out how to help themselves with certain ailments or problems. Therefore, Dr. Dane has taken the time to categorize and combine the most common ailments or conditions and has listed the appropriate supplements under each category that will alleviate or heal the symptoms of those problems.Dr. Dane has created ten categories, listing the appropriate healing supplements.

Just click on the category below that interests you and you’ll be taken right to that page. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Dane with any questions you might have.

A – E

G – W

Amino-power-blendAmino Acids


Stop InflamationAnti-Anxiety/Stress/Allergy/Inflammation


ECO-BONEBone  /  Joint  /  Muscle Health

DHEAHormones / Blood Balance

CHROMIUM-COMPLEX Colon Health / Digestion / Blood Sugar Balance

ANTI-OX-GREEN-POWERImmunity / Detoxification / Anti-Oxidants

ECO-ADRENALEnergy / Regeneration / Longevity

LIPOTROPIC-FACTORS Weight Loss / Cholesterol Control