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Dr. Elizabeth Dane’s Meta-Type E-Books

Dr. Dane had dedicated many hours creating E-Books for you that detail every aspect of your life that will light your path enabling you to expand into your greatest potential.

LighteningDrawing on both Eastern and Western Medicine, Dr. Dane discovered and has coined the term “Meta-Type” to describe six basic energetic patterns of people based on the two main energetic flows in the universe – known as positive-negative, male-female, light-dark, fast-slow, intellect-emotion and the Eastern term, yin-yang. One of these energies will be more dominate in varying degrees within each of these six energetic patterns and they will define WHO you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually and how they influence every aspect of your life – right down to what your body truly needs in terms of diet, exercise and lifestyle.

The unique energetic combination in a person determines your personality, how your body functions, what you think, how you feel, what type of energy is available to you, how much sleep you need, what your food cravings are, what type of food you require, how you respond to Stress right down to how you metabolize your food and burn off your calories. So, you see that your Meta-Type is more than just your metabolism — more than just how fast or slow your system runs — it describes your whole person — body, mind, emotions, heart, and spirit.

The six energetic Meta-Types are divided into 2 groups, the fast moving, energetic Accelerators and the slower paced, creative Synthesizers. The three Accelerator categories, the Accelerator, the Balanced Accelerator and the Mixed Accelerator are the fast-moving, motivated and entrepreneurial Type A personalities that are always on the go, moving and shaking up their worlds. They require help to calm and balance out their energetic patterns and not stimulate their already heightened energies.

Conversely, the three Synthesizer categories, the Mixed Synthesizer, the Balanced Synthesizer and the Synthesizer are the slower-paced, creative and artistic Type B personalities that are slower moving, introverted and more relaxed about their lives. They require the programs that energize, motivate and speed-up their Synthesizer lifestyle.

Dr. Dane has created the Metabolic Balance Program which is completely detailed in six E-Books for each of the six Meta-Types. She has created them for you as comprehensive guides that show you how to become the most vibrant, vital, and healthy being that you can be when you live in balance according to your Meta-Type. You’ll learn that all your health issues deal not only with your body but your mind, emotions, intellect, heart and spirit giving you a long, healthy and fulfilling life in which you make use of the skills and talents that are most “you”. You will learn to “discover” and “uncover” the best “YOU”!

Each of the six Meta-Types, the faster moving, intellectually-based Accelerator, the Balanced Accelerator and the Mixed Accelerator along with the slower moving, creative Synthesizer, the Balanced Synthesizer and the Mixed Synthesizer have their own series of six E-Books.  You will find them linked on the left-hand navigation or below grouped by Meta-Type:

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