E-Books for the

Mixed Accelerator Meta-Type

“The Bridge”

Mixed Accelerators are smart and accomplished, yet independent and strong-willed. The creator of innovative ideas, yet perfectionism can break your confidence. Their life’s work is driven by compassion toward society.

Mixed Accelerators are extremely smart and accomplished, almost the “all things to all people” prototype. Both male and female Mixed Accelerators are likely to achieve powerful things.

By bridging your body’s energy and metabolism with your personality, emotions and spirit, Dr. Dane’s program unites mind, body, and spirit into an authentic holistic medical model. It helps ALL of YOU and your metabolism to run like a well-honed machine.

Dr. Dane had dedicated many hours creating E-Books for you that detail every aspect of your life and that will light your path to expand into your greatest potential. Each of the six Meta-Types, the faster moving, intellectually-based Accelerator, the Balanced Accelerator and the Mixed Accelerator along with the slower moving, creative Synthesizer, the Balanced Synthesizer and the Mixed Synthesizer have their own series of six E-Books.

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