Dane Dynamic Products by Meta-type


Dr. Dane has taken the time to list under each Meta-Type the supplements or products that are most suitable for their energetic Meta-Type. You see, the three Accelerator categories, the Accelerator, the Balanced Accelerator and the Mixed Accelerator are the fast-moving, motivated and entrepreneurial Type A personalities that are always on the go, moving and shaking up their worlds. They require the type of products that help to calm and balance out their energetic patterns. You wouldn’t want them taking supplements that would heighten their already high energies – they would never sleep at night.

Conversely, the three Synthesizer categories, the Mixed Synthesizer, the Balanced Synthesizer and the Synthesizer are the slower-paced, creative and artistic Type B personalities that are slower moving, introverted and more relaxed about their lives. They require the type of products that help them energize, motivate and speed up their lifestyle. If you gave them a more calming supplement to help relax their more calm nature, they might never get up until the afternoon!

That’s why Dr. Dane has prepared the Products by Meta-Type for your use. It’s a quick and simple-way for you to see what will benefit your Meta-Type and to help you pick out what might help your needs whether it might be weight loss, building your immune system or whatever else might be bothering you. Just click on you Meta-Type symbol below and you will be taken directly to your Meta-Type page. If you have and questions or need some help making a decision, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Dane.


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Synthesizer  Synthesizer

Balanced AcceleratorBalanced Accelerator 

Balanced Synthesizer Balanced Synthesizer 

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Mixed Synthesizer  Mixed Synthesizer