In her practice, Dr. Dane has worked with hundreds of people and many dozens of well-known celebrities in the realms of stage, screen, music, the arts, as well as world leaders in areas ranging from mountain-climbing to business to criminal law.  Her clients include Oscar-winning actress Angelica Houston, Tony award-winning actress and singer Bebe Neuwirth, CNN Correspondent Paula Zahn, Mount Everest Summiteer Sandy Hill Pittman, acclaimed Broadway performers Anne Reinking and Brenda Braxton, and Janet and Howard Stein, the latter being the founder of the Dreyfus Fund.

Angelica Houston, actress and director: “After being treated by Dr. Dane, not only did I feel unburdened of my sorrows but something physical was happening to me. I began to see the connections between anger and how it was manifesting itself physically. My skin never looked better and my spirits began to soar. Elizabeth is…a great humanitarian and doctor.”

Sandy Pittman Hill, writer, mountain climber, Mount Everest Summiteer: “Elizabeth Dane discovered untapped resources of strength and stamina that I was unable to reach with my regular workouts and training diet alone. I was already in good shape, but I had to be better than that, because climbing Mt. Everest demands everything you’ve got…and then some! Elizabeth helped me find that edge.”

James Taylor, singer and composer: “It was my great good fortune to meet Elizabeth Dane eighteen years ago. I am quite sure she helped me survive perilous passages in my life. Her positive, curious, and intuitive approach to human health and well-being has kept me coming back. This rare book is the work of a true healer.”

Bebe Neuwirth, actress, dancer, singer, star of the Broadway hit “Chicago”; played Lillith on Cheers, nominated for a Tony award: “I feel like a brand-new person after being on Elizabeth’s program. There is absolutely no possible way I could keep to my hectic schedule and rigorous workouts in the show [“Chicago”] had it not been for Elizabeth’s program. Any aches and pains have disappeared, as well as the “traditional” dancer’s injuries. I’ve never felt better in my life and can do things I haven’t done since I was eighteen. Hooray for Elizabeth!”

Ann Reinking, dancer, singer, actress, choreographer, star of the Broadway show, “Chicago”: “On Dr. Dane’s diet plan, I lost the first ten pounds very quickly, then the next ten began to come off. But it wasn’t just the weight – I was sleeping better, I had more energy…. My skin got better – even my eyes sparkled. The results were dramatic.”

Michael Kennedy, eminent Manhattan trial lawyer: “God Bless Doctor Dane. At last someone smart and caring enough to combine the best of Eastern and Western medicine and give us Your Body, Your Life. This book celebrates the physical differences among us humans and teaches us how to find a dietary and exercise regimen suitable to our individual metabolism. Your Body, Your Life will become the health bible for all who read it!”

Delie Lively, actress, dancer, singer, and performer in the Broadway hit, “Smoky Joe’s Cafe”: “Elizabeth Dane is like natural Prozac with none of the side effects – a mood lifter, elevator, balancer.”

Shelley Washington, choreographer and Ballet Mistress for the Twyla Tharp Dance Company: “When audiences a world away want to see our troupe, I owe it to my dancers to be my best. By helping me overcome jet lag and germs, Elizabeth’s sound nutritional regimen keeps me that way.”

Deborah Amos, Author, TV network news correspondent famous for her Gulf War coverage: “Since being on Dr. Dane’s program, I have been as healthy as I’ve ever been. It gives me much the much-needed endurance for the long hours required by my job.”

Jay McInerney, author: “Eventually everyone finds Elizabeth Dane.”

Well-known Manhattan psychotherapist, HIV positive [wishes to rem anonymous]: “Before I met Elizabeth, I was positive that this was the beginning of the end. What she has helped me do is stabilize my immune system. It’s an approach where food is not just what you shove in your mouth to keep going, but is part of the healing process itself. What it makes me do is ask myself is, am I doing the loving, helpful thing or not? I feel I have received the guidelines from Elizabeth to help me know the difference. It’s not just a mechanical thing with her. I feel that how I’m doing really matters to her!”

Tim Engle, Vice President, Disney Productions: “…Elizabeth was a ray of light during a very dark period in my life. Her treatment not only stabilized my health, but taught me many principles that I still rely on. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she helped save my life.”

Adriana Trigini, screenwriter; writer, producer, and director of the award-winning documentary, “Queens of the Big Time, and author of Big Stone Gap: “Working with Elizabeth has given me an “oasis” in a hectic and busy life. She has helped me focus on the synergy of my physical, mental, and spiritual selves. I am glowing!”

Robert Whitman, fashion photographer: “Since I was a small boy, I suffered from bronchitis and serious colds and flues.  After moving to New York fourteen years ago, I started going to Elizabeth Dane. These health problems have all disappeared. Thanks to her guidance I have never had to miss work, and I have more energy than I had when I was eighteen.”

Jane Amsterdam, writer and formerly Editor of the New York Post: “…I had been in treatment with my regular doctors for years without getting any help. I was in so much pain that I could barely pick up a cup of coffee. Elizabeth put me on her program, and one day I got out of bed and thought, ‘This doesn’t hurt!’ I went back to my normal doctor dancing a jig!”

Mercedes Ellington, Choreographer, Dancer, Actress, and Singer – granddaughter of Duke Ellington: “Being with Elizabeth Dane and implementing her program for my individual needs helped carry me through the next phase of my life. It tied in and brought together the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of myself – it ‘braided in all of the threads.’ Without her program, I would have never been able to have the physical and mental stamina to carry through on preparing for my new Broadway show.”

Jez DavidsonComposer and Musical Director for the soap opera “Young and Restless”: “You [Elizabeth Dane] saved my life and opened my life up to all possibilities….”

Diane McIntyre, choreographer and dancer; artistic director of the Sounds in Motion dance company: “It changed my life. Before I went to Dr. Dane I had a lot of tension and I didn’t have enough energy to get through the day. Also, my hair was falling out. Now I feel like I did when I was a teenager. Now I can go on longer and do all the things I have to do in a day.”

Brenda Braxton, dancer, choreographer, singer, actress – star of the Broadway hit, “Smoky Joe’s Cafe”: “The wonderful thing about being a patient of Elizabeth’s is that she not only treats your body but she includes your mind, soul, spirit, and heart.  When I leave a session with her I often feel as though I’ve been to the gym and had a good workout….My life has truly been blessed in a wonderful way when I became a patient/friend of Dr. Elizabeth Dane’s. I guess I could say I was ‘BETTER’ the day I met her.”

Mary Testa, actress, singer, appeared on Broadway in “On the Way to the Forum”“Elizabeth is a wonderful doctor because she takes into consideration the mental, emotional, and physical conditions of the body, then works very hard to bring balance and interweave each aspect.  I really enjoy my time with Elizabeth both as a doctor and a healer.  Her work with me has been amazing for both energy and balance.”

Tracy Reiner, actress, writer, and producer (daughter of Penny Marshall and Rob Reiner): “Elizabeth Dane came into my life just after I’d lost my closest friend in an accident.  She helped me to nourish and support my health, allowing the grieving process I needed to give my heart and soul.  The effects of her treatments boosted my energy and my spirits and, consequently, my health….and I still use many of them today. My thanks which began internal became eternal!”

J. Dulin Jones, Screenwriter: “Elizabeth Dane has a healer’s heart. Her ability to connect to the body’s inner rhythms and her patient’s soul is unique.  Being a patient of Elizabeth’s was a turning point in my regaining dominion over my body and life.  Elizabeth’s counseling and guidance truly changed my life.”