Balanced Accelerator


A wonderful and fun way to identify the natures of each Meta-type is to envision each of their personas symbolically as compared to the earliest forms of European philosophies, that of the Greek gods and goddesses. The ancient Greeks created, interacted with, and lived under the guidance of a group of diverse and powerful mythological gods and goddesses, which personify the qualities of each of the Meta-types.

Their belief system became the ancient predecessor to the more scientific exploration that explained how our world and its inhabitants psychologically work and relate together. They are usually visualized in human (or animal) form with specific personalities and well-defined traits, habits, likes, and dislikes. These gods and goddesses are the archetypes of all the energy patterns of the Meta-types (as well as the Jungian archetypes) and present easy to recognize personifications of them.

You Meta-Type Reports were designed to focus on the physical, psychological, and energetic patterns of the Meta- Types.

Balanced Accelerator

You’re constantly moving forward with a powerful blend of intellect and intuition!  Balanced Accelerators are exceptionally well organized; you have an ability to focus with clarity and to keep many details orderly. Centered firmly within your spiritual self, you’re strong and in charge.

 Welcoming outside influences, Balanced Accelerators are attuned to their spiritual presence and are winningly warm and highly spirited.

When you think of the Balanced Accelerator Meta-Type, think of the Great Goddess Hestia or Vesta, Keeper of the Light or the Great God, Hermes or Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods who are quintessential organizers and everyone’s “go-to” person. You are meticulously organized, in charge of and on top of things, creatively gifted and intuitive. You are also warm and sincere, able to empathize and truly understand other people’s problems. To find more about yourself and how your energetic persona is manifested in the qualities of this God and Goddess, click here to get your In-Depth Report which tells you all you need to know about YOU!

 Some words that best describe the Balanced Accelerator are:

      • BoldBalanced Accelerators
      • Creative
      • Clever
      • Intuitive
      • Decisive
      • Energetic
      • Romantic
      • Spiritual

As a Balanced Accelerator, you combine your wisdom with your dynamic drive, determination, and zest for life with an intense commitment to your goals. Your highly-developed intuition and organizational skills give you an amazing ability to focus on and clarify any project you’re involved with. Nor, do you stop until the job gets done.

As a Balanced Accelerator, you are ruled by your very clear, rational, and linear-thinking mind. In addition, your powerful intuition guides you into a deep interest in all things spiritual. You almost have easy access to your emotional life. That is, if your emotions don’t get in the way of your dreams and goals, or if they’re not too painful for you to handle. Dealing with upsetting emotions and memories is difficult for you. Stuffing down the hurt and pain, you often try to ignore the fact that they’ll just resurface until they are dealt with.

Energy Level

Balanced AcceleratorsEnergetically, the Balanced Accelerator is extremely active. You have abundant levels of stored energy at your disposal, especially in the early morning. Your Meta-Type only needs to think of an idea and you’re off and running. Food does not seem to be a priority to energize you.

Balanced Accelerators really dislike repetitive exercise and easily get bored. You need something that keeps your mind active and entertained, such as aerobic dance or Jazzercize. You love hot, tropical climates and could be known as the prototypical “sun baby.”


Peak Time of Day

Early morning (5:00-7:00 AM), morning, and early afternoon are your best energy times. You tend to feel a late afternoon slump when your adrenalin levels start declining. Breakfast for the Balanced Accelerator can be coffee or tea, maybe some toast, or maybe nothing at all. You generally fall asleep easily and sleep well through the night. If you’re under stress or anxious, you may wake up frequently or even develop insomnia.

Stress ResponseBalanced Accelerators

You’re usually a very happy person and you thrive on intensity. However, you don’t like to be pressured and you’ll react to extreme stress with anxiety. If you’re under stress, extra pounds can begin to cling to your body due to your rising insulin levels stimulated by the Stress Response, easily triggering your food cravings. Those excess pounds will accumulate on the Balanced Accelerator´s stomach and hips, a smaller version of the “apple” shape. Although you tend to think of food as something functional, you love your desserts (especially as rewards). Your food cravings can range among sugar, starches (breads, crackers, etc.), and fats.

The Balanced Accelerator´s strongest endocrine gland is the thymus gland. As the “master” of your immune system, it grants you remarkable health; you never seem to get sick. Your least effective endocrine gland tends to be your pancreas, which rules digestion and blood sugar stability. Those areas could be problems for you if your metabolism goes out of balance.

Metabolic Rate & Foods

Your Balanced Accelerator Meta-Type indicates that you are a fairly “fast metabolizer” (your digestive system breaks down your foods reasonably quickly) but you are a somewhat “slow oxidizer” (your body burns off your energy rather slowly). This gives your body a pH range near the acidic end of the acid/alkaline spectrum: “acid forming” (5).

The Balanced Accelerator metabolism enables you to handle the faster-burning carbohydrates (because you’ll burn these off slowly), but you can handle some proteins such as fish, some fowl, and eggs. It’s best if you follow a more semi-vegetarian food plan; since meat does not break down quickly in your body, it can make you feel very sluggish.

Importance of Staying in Balance
Balanced Accelerators

As a Balanced Accelerator, you have the drive and determination of the Accelerator, coupled with the emotional creativity of the Mixed Accelerator and your own special brand of intuitive power. You must stay centered and balanced between these two polarities. If the intensity of the Accelerator´s energy takes over, you’ll skyrocket into the Accelerator Meta-Type. You then may experience anxiety attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and potential heart and stroke problems. If your less effective endocrine gland, the pancreas, further weakens, you could suffer from digestive shutdown, constipation, low-blood sugar attacks, and sugar cravings that could lead to diabetes.                           Balanced Accelerators

 The Accelerator’s energetic intensity on a long-term basis can easily deplete your adrenal glands from overwork. Then you’ll crash into the Meta-Type below you, the Mixed Accelerator. Here, you may experience weight gain due to a lower thyroid function, accompanied by tiredness, fatigue, and lethargy. If you think you’ve swung out of your Meta-Type, read about the “Pendulum Effect.”



You’ve taken the important first step – identifying and learning about your Meta-Type.

Discover Who You Really Are!

Knowing what your Meta-Type is will teach you what your body truly needs in terms of food, exercise and lifestyle. And you’ll learn that all your health issues deal not only with your body but your mind, emotions, intellect, heart and spirit. Incorporating these reports into your life will give you a long, healthy and fulfilling life in which you make use of the skills and talents that are most “YOU”. You will learn to “discover” and “uncover” the best OF YOURSELF!

If I Already know my Meta-Type, Why Do I Need to Download and Read These Special Reports?”

 Dr. Dane states the answer to this very good question is five-fold:

  • These reports offer the most detailed information Dr. Dane has produced on her powerful and liberating health plan since her first book Your Body, Your Diet and the formation of her Metabolic Balance Program.
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  • Together, these reports provide a comprehensive and healthy lifestyle guide synthesizing state-of-the-art knowledge of BOTH Western science and Eastern medicine, giving you all the information AND practical guidelines you need to become the most vibrant, vital and healthy being you can be!
  • Finally, Dr. Dane has created a Special Report in an area she has not previously addressed – a Compatibility Analysis that helps each Meta-type understand how they may best get along with each of the other Meta-Types – in romance, work, family and friendship.

Learn how to regenerate and balance yourself by discovering a “kaleidoscope” of detailed views of your individual Meta-Type. Now learn more about how to make your Balanced Accelerator MetaType work for you, not against you with these SUPERB SPECIALIZED REPORTS:


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The Balanced Accelerator Compatibility Report. What meta-types should you, the Balanced Accelerator, expect to get along with best? Which of the six Meta-types make the best romantic partner for you, the Balanced Accelerator? And, just as crucial, which types should you avoid romantically because it’s doomed to fail? What’s the best way to get along with co-workers and bosses, family members and friends, no matter what their Meta-type? Make all your relationships work by downloading and reading the Balanced Accelerator Meta-Type Compatibility Report. 

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These reports are to be used as TOOLS to keep you vibrantly healthy, young, and full of energy giving YOU great “joie de vivre” in life, helping you become the BEST YOU CAN BE!

Learn to Celebrate Yourself!

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