Metabolic Balance Diet Plan: Mixed Accelerator

The “Bridge”

         Celebrating YOU,                 the Mixed Accelerator!

     The Visionaries of the World!

                                                “I THINK, I FEEL, AND THEN I ACT – ONLY IF I’M SURE!”
           Golden yellow symbolizes your great intellect; purple represents your higher self.


As your metabolic balance diet plan coach, I will help you find a wonderful and fun way to identify the natures of each Meta-type. I will help you to envision each of their personas symbolically as compared to the earliest forms of European philosophies, that of the Greek gods and goddesses. The ancient Greeks created, interacted with, and lived under the guidance of a group of diverse and powerful mythological gods and goddesses, which personify the qualities of each of the Meta-types.
Their belief system became the ancient predecessor to the more scientific exploration that explained how our world and its inhabitants psychologically work and relate together. They are usually visualized in human (or animal) form with specific personalities and well-defined traits, habits, likes, and dislikes. These gods and goddesses are the archetypes of all the energy patterns of the Meta-types (as well as the Jungian archetypes) and present easy to recognize personifications of them.
As your metabolic balance diet plan coach, I will generate a Meta-Type Report designed to focus on the physical, psychological, and energetic patterns of the Meta-Types.

You easily blend your emotions and your intellect, your family and profession, a truly integrated type A and type B personality. You, the Mixed Accelerator, are energetic in spurts and need your rest. You’re intuitive, yet rational; spiritual, but grounded; focused, yet also anxious.

 When you think of the Mixed Accelerator Meta-Type, think of the Great God, Apollo, the Hero and the Bright and Shining One or the Great Goddess Artemis or Diana, Queen of the Dawn and Dusk. You’re smart and accomplished, yet independent and strong-willed. The creator of innovative ideas, yet perfectionism can break your confidence. Your life’s work is driven by compassion toward society.

You are extremely smart and accomplished, almost the “all things to all people” prototype. Both male and female Mixed Accelerators are likely to achieve powerful things. Mixed Accelerator women usually do so while maintaining their independence and femininity.  To find more about yourself and how your energetic persona is manifested in the qualities of this God and Goddess, click here to get your Psychological In-Depth Report which tells you all you need to know about YOU!

Some words that best describe the Mixed Accelerator are:

  • Ageless
  • Compassionate
  • Driven
  • Energetic
  • Insensitive
  • Intuitive
  • Maternal or Nurturing
  • Strong-willed
  • Slender

The Mixed Accelerator´s unique difference is your ability to focus your dazzling intellect while still having easy access to your strong emotions. The typical Mixed Accelerator has a warm, winning personality. You are someone everyone likes

to be around. Deeply compassionate, you can clearly analyze complex information or unusual problems, at home, at work, and with friends.


Your profession is extremely important to you. Your family and friends place a close second, making you very socially oriented. Since your life’s work is exceptionally significant to you, your work must be rewarding and fulfilling. This is balanced by your wanting to do the “right thing,” especially for others, and needing to feel safe: monetarily, physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually safe. My metabolic balance diet plan can help you return to a more balanced life.

When torn between your head and your heart, your intellect usually wins out. Your emotions become stuffed down, especially anger. Remember, it’s important that you give voice to your emotional side. Energy can’t be destroyed, so “stuffed” emotions are guaranteed to rise again, triggering volcanic eruptions when you least expect them.


Energy Level

Energetically, as a Mixed Accelerator you may always seem to be on the go. But that energy usually comes only in short bursts, and long-term endurance is not your best suit. You can tire easily, and you absolutely need the typical three-meals-per-day regimen to help your energy stabilize in a smooth and constant flow.

Peak Time of Day

Your best energetic time is early morning (anywhere from 7:00-10:00 AM and usually by 8:00 AM) to early afternoon, then again in the early evening. Your down time is normally in the afternoon, when your adrenals and the daytime-acting sympathetic nervous system begin to shut down. This gives way to your regenerative parasympathetic nervous system, arming it for its nighttime work. You fall asleep very easily, usually sleep through the night, and can require a considerable amount of sleep if your thyroid gland becomes slow – or hypo-active – due to stress. If your thyroid has become hyper-active from anxiety, you may tend toward restlessness or insomnia. This can be helped with a metabolic balance diet plan.

Stress Response

The Mixed Accelerator’s life is a very active one, especially since you tend to work under intense pressure. With this pace, along with your need for perfection and your persistence at reaching your size-able goals, you can easily catapult into the Stress Response. You usually react to this stress with anxiety. However, because of your strong emotional nature and an inability to endure prolonged periods of stress, you also can fall into depression if your stress continues unrelentingly. I am a qualified alternative health practitioner who can help you navigate your stress.

Your strongest endocrine gland is your thyroid gland, the “master” gland of metabolism and energy. Your least effective gland tends to be the pituitary gland, the “master gland” of the whole endocrine system. Your thyroid gland works 24 hours a day. During the daytime, your thyroid gland helps supply you with energy. At night, its energy repairs and regenerates your body.

For Mixed Accelerators, an imbalance in your thyroid gland can trigger 

some huge food cravings and, depending on the power of your other glands, can have enormous influence over your weight. More simply, if your thyroid becomes hyper-active, or over-stimulated, you can easily lose a lot of weight. You may also have trouble keeping enough pounds on your beautiful body if your pituitary function is overactive. Or you may gain weight from that same hyper-active thyroid gland because of rising insulin levels caused by over-active adrenal glands. If you would like to meet with an experienced alternative health practitioner about your thyroid function, call Dr. Elizabeth Dane today.

But if your thyroid gland has become hypo-active (under-active), you’ll start piling on excess pounds, especially in your stomach, hips, and thighs. Given these potential power struggles between glands, your under-active Mixed Accelerator body can vacillate between a small “apple” and a small “pear” shape. You need exercise to keep your thyroid gland working steadily. Fortunately, you do like to exercise – when you find the time. Your least effective pituitary gland could give you difficulties with hormone irregularities, weight problems, or sluggishness if you get out of balance.

Metabolic Rate & Foods

Your Mixed Accelerator Meta-Type indicates that you are a “semi-fast metabolizer” (your digestive system breaks down your foods somewhat quickly), but you are a “moderately slow oxidizer” (your body burns off your energy somewhat slowly), which gives your body a pH range at the midpoint of the acid/alkaline spectrum, slightly more to the acid side: “weak acid” (6.2).

This type of metabolism gives the Mixed Accelerator the ability to handle some of the faster-burning carbohydrates (which you burn off somewhat slowly), as well as protein in fish, fowl and, occasionally, meat. Therefore, you require a well-rounded omnivore food plan, leaning more to the semi-vegetarian side. You enjoy food, especially dinner, and may sometimes eat to repress your unexpressed emotions – so be careful! You love your sugar and desserts, and your food cravings may also include starches (breads, pasta, grains, etc.).

Importance of Staying in Balance

As a Mixed Accelerator, you are driven by the same intensity and intellect as the other two Accelerator Meta-Types, stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system. Moreover, you’re also strongly activated by the regenerative and more emotional parasympathetic nervous system. Staying balanced and centered between those two strong polarities can be challenging. If the intensity of the Accelerator MetaType overcomes you, you may swing into the Balanced Accelerator Meta-Type. With that kind of energetic power, you can easily go into hyper-drive, leading to anxiety and sometimes insomnia.

This can also put more pressure on your least effective endocrine gland, the pituitary. Your chocolate, ice cream, and sugar cravings could lead to some pituitary dysfunctions. You’ll also be very vulnerable to colds and flues. Your “power gland,” the thyroid, could become dramatically unbalanced: if “hyper-active,” it could lead to weight loss or even weight gain (as you learned above); if “hypo-active,” you could experience weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and irritability. Burning out over time, you could “crash” into the energies of the Meta-Type below you, the Mixed Synthesizer. Then, you could experience depression, sex gland irregularities (whether male or female), and volcanic emotional outbursts. If you think you may have swung out of your Meta-Type, read about the “Pendulum Effect.” 

Knowing all about your Mixed Accelerator Meta-Type will teach you what your body truly needs, in terms of food, exercise, and lifestyle, to sustain your pace and be true to yourself. You’ll learn too that all your health issues deal not only with your body but also with your mind, emotions, intellect, heart, and spirit. Staying in balance within your Mixed Accelerator Meta-Type will help you live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life using the skills and talents that are uniquely you.

You’ve taken the important first step – identifying and learning about your Meta-Type.

Now learn more about to make your Mixed Accelerator Meta-Type work for you, not against you with these specialized reports.

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