A wonderful and fun way to identify the natures of each Meta-type is to envision each of their personas symbolically as compared to the earliest forms of European philosophies, that of the Greek gods and goddesses. The ancient Greeks created, interacted with, and lived under the guidance of a group of diverse and powerful mythological gods and goddesses, which personify the qualities of each of the Meta-types.

Their belief system became the ancient predecessor to the more scientific exploration that explained how our world and its inhabitants psychologically work and relate together. They are usually visualized in human (or animal) form with specific personalities and well-defined traits, habits, likes, and dislikes. These gods and goddesses are the archetypes of all the energy patterns of the Meta-types (as well as the Jungian archetypes) and present easy to recognize personifications of them.

You Meta-Type Reports were designed to focus on the physical, psychological, and energetic patterns of the Meta- Types.


You thrive in the background, perfectly comfortable in couple-hood. You’re a smooth-moving, magically creative, earthbound type B personality. A charming conversationalist and often profoundly artistic, you relish passion, beauty and family. You’re a giver and healer, who will always go the distance for someone in need.

SynthesizerWhen you think of the Synthesizer Meta-Type, think of the Great Goddess Demeter or Ceres, the Creatrix the Motherthe Divine Feminine or the Great God Poseidon or Neptunethe Creator – the God of the Oceans of Life – the FATHER, Protector who both pursue great “heavenly” spiritual wisdom, yet are also very earthy, loving, and passionate.

You quickly react to your own strong emotions, yet also possess deeply creative talents. For Synthesizers, achievement comes in how well your family is doing and how you’ve contributed to that, as well as to the world at large. To find more about yourself and how your energetic persona is manifested in the qualities of this God and Goddess, click here to get your In-Depth Report which tells you all you need to know about YOU!

Words that best describe the Synthesizer are:

      • Deeply compassionate
      • Exceptionally creative
      • Disorganized (when intently concentrating)
      • Difficult (resists taking direction)
      • Intuitive
      • Moody
      • Nurturing
      • Sexy
      • Spiritual

SynthesizerSynthesizers are the direct opposite of the energetically charged, competitive, and power-seeking Accelerators. Yours is an extremely deep spiritual nature. You are deeply empathic and loving, driven to feel and create profoundly. The Synthesizer MetaType seeks and is rewarded by life’s highest, finest meanings and creative expressions, while staying firmly rooted in the slower moving, earthier experiences. You love your family, children, friends, animals, the arts, cooking, and crafts. You are the quintessential “Earth Mother” or “Earth Father.” Warm, generous, protecting, and providing, your emotions will always win out over your intellect. You live in your intense feelings, steeped in the worlds of art, creativity, “mothering” or “fathering,” mysticism, and even the occult.

You, the Synthesizer, are completely ruled by your extremely deep emotional life. This allows you to be gloriously, highly creative, often to the point of genius. However, because your emotions and feelings run to the very depths of your inner being, you can get stuck in them. Emotional quicksand may trap you firmly in its grasp, pulling you into a downward spiral to your emotional depths. If this happens, you tend to turn inward rather than act and move forward on what you feel. To escape this tendency, you MUST turn outward and act on what you feel!

Energy Level & Peak Time of Day

Energetically, of all the six Meta-Types, you as a Synthesizer have exceptionally slow physical energy and very low energy reserves – unless you’re in a manic mode – and you’re usually much more passive than most people. But you do have the capacity for great endurance and will finish any given project. You get started gradually in most anything you take on, and require food to produce enough energy for your daily activity.Synthesizer

As a Synthesizer, you are NOT a morning person. Your energy is at its best when your dominant and regenerative parasympathetic nervous system is at its peak – the nighttime hours. So, evening (7:00 – 8: 00 PM) to very late night, or extremely early morning (2:00 – 3:00 AM) are your “power source” times.

 Synthesizers can fall asleep easily, at any given time, and can sleep for extended periods. But if you’re under undue stress and experiencing depression, you may wake up throughout the night and even experience insomnia. You completely dislike exercise; hating it isn’t too strong a word! However, you really need it to get your energies moving, especially when you are trapped in your dark emotional despondency. As a Synthesizer, you love gray, cloudy, cool environments. Then you can stay home and read, relax, watch and eat, without guilt!

Stress Response

The Synthesizer´s least effective gland is the thyroid, the “ruler” of energy and metabolism. Therefore, Synthesizers have absolutely no tolerance for the Stress Response. You’re quite vulnerable and weak when inundated with stress, or stressful or painful situations. You easily collapse under that kind of pressure, going into severe depressions that can cause you to emotionally implode or completely repress your enormous capacity for emotional expression.Synthesizer

When you are out of balance or under pressure and stress, you may be plagued by fatigue, lethargy, and enormous weight gain. In fact, the Synthesizer´s ability to gain weight easily is unmatched by any other Meta-Type because the thyroid gland is responsible for your body’s weight management.

Consequently, your least effective thyroid gives you a metabolism which is much slower than most people’s.

In addition, your dominant pituitary gland can easily become hyperactive, and overproduce growth hormones. This is great when you’re young and need to grow tall; it’s not so good when you are older and will “grow” elsewhere.

With this endocrine relationship, Synthesizers are at the top of the weight-gaining metabolic spectrum. To turn a phrase, gaining weight is a “piece of cake” for you, and your excess pounds will deposit themselves all over your body, as your adult growth hormones now dictate.

Contributing to the battle of your bulge is the fact that Synthesizers adore foods and relish eating. You regard eating as one of life’s sacred rituals. Your food cravings are controlled by your already overactive pituitary gland, and include anything that can continually stimulate it, such as dairy (especially creams), ice cream and, of course, sugar!

The Synthesizer´s pituitary and thyroid energetic combination is so sensitive that if you even think of eating that piece of cake, you’ll likely gain five pounds!

Metabolic Rate & Foods

Let’s look more closely at your body’s metabolic type and its relationship to food. You really don’t have to give up eating to achieve and maintain an optimal weight. You just need to eat the right kinds of foods, in the right quantities, and in the right combinations for your Synthesizer MetaType. The Synthesizer Meta-Type implies that you are an extremely “slow metabolizer” (your digestive system breaks down your foods exceptionally slowly), but that you are a very “rapid oxidizer” (your body “burns” your energy immediately). This gives you a pH range at the extreme end of the acid/alkaline spectrum in the alkaline category: “strong alkaline” (8 – 7.5).

The Synthesizer metabolism gives you the ability to handle the slow-burning proteins and an inability to utilize the faster-burning carbohydrates (which will cause severe drops in blood sugar). Therefore, you require a protein-rich food plan – completely carnivore – devoid of the faster-burning carbohydrates.

Importance of Staying in Balance

Synthesizers have an enormous ability and opportunity to be the masters and creators of their own destiny. The creative force that surges through you, the Synthesizer, is powerful indeed – as powerful as the driven intellectual force of your opposite, the Accelerator. Therefore, Synthesizers must stay balanced in your own Meta-Type.

SynthesizerIf you become hyperactive due to stressful situations, you can overexcite your power gland, the pituitary. This will cause it to overproduce all your body’s regulating hormones, especially the growth and sex gland hormones. This can lead to obesity, depression, and sexual irregularities. And these energetic states will cause an inhibition of your least effective endocrine gland, the thyroid, leading to more weight gain, terrible fatigue, infertility, hair loss, and irritability.

In a hyperactive state, Synthesizers can easily sky-rocket up into the Meta-Type just above you, the Balanced Synthesizer. Unable to sustain that intense energy, the Balanced Synthesizer´s power gland, the pancreas, will falter and create blood sugar highs and lows, hypoglycemia, more weight gain, and carbohydrate intolerance that could lead to diabetes.

Unable to maintain this energetic level, you become hypoactive as a Synthesizer and could collapse into your opposite Meta-Type, the Accelerator. This could create havoc in your body by over-stimulating your weak sympathetic nervous system, leading to anxiety attacks, near-manic energetic states, insomnia, mood swings, and then severe depression. This “energetic plunge” also makes Synthesizers vulnerable to colds, flus, allergies, and asthma. In either case, you’ll be frustrated, dazed, and confused. If you think you may have “flipped” out of your Meta-Type, read the “Pendulum Effect.”

Knowing all about your Synthesizer Meta-Type will teach you what your body truly needs in terms of food, exercise, and lifestyle to sustain your pace and be true to yourself. Remember, too, that your health issues deal not only with your body, but also with your mind, emotions, intellect, heart, and spirit. Staying in balance within your Synthesizer MetaType will help you live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life in which you’ll make use of the skills and talents that are uniquely you.


You’ve taken the important first step – identifying and learning about your Meta-Type.

Discover Who You Really Are!

Knowing what your Meta-Type is will teach you what your body truly needs in terms of food, exercise and lifestyle. And you’ll learn that all your health issues deal not only with your body but your mind, emotions, intellect, heart and spirit. Incorporating these reports into your life will give you a long, healthy and fulfilling life in which you make use of the skills and talents that are most “YOU”. You will learn to “discover” and “uncover” the best OF YOURSELF!


If I Already know my Meta-Type, Why Do I Need to Download and Read These Special Reports?”

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These reports are to be used as TOOLS to keep you vibrantly healthy, young, and full of energy giving YOU great “joie de vivre” in life, helping you become the BEST YOU CAN BE!

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