Increase Your Energy

What would you do with LOTS more energy?

Increase your energyYour body is an energy factory! But if you’re not giving it the fuel it needs to run at optimal levels, chances are you are experiencing low energy levels. Low energy keeps people from living an abundant, full, vibrant life brimming with vitality and joy. How can you do the things you love if you can barely do the things you must?

When you start living the life you were meant to live – one aligned with your own personal Metabolic Type – you’ll be truly astonished by how much energy you have.

 The most common reasons people lack vitality:

Increase Your Energy

  • You’re eating the wrong foods or you’re on the wrong kind of diet for your Meta-Type – to stay young, you must choose foods and eat in accordance with your metabolic type.
  • You’re not doing the specific kind of exercise and movements that your body needs … you can’t stay youthfully vital and vibrant unless you challenge your body with exercise that’s just right for your Meta-Type.
  • You’re lacking the specific minerals, amino acids, vitamins, or herbs your body must have to produce energy and rejuvenate your system. Specially to protect yourself against the ravages of disease and wear and tear AND you’re not taking the supplements needed to remedy these deficiencies.
  • You live with an elevated level of stress, negative self-feelings, damaging relationships, or a lack of inner balance. These things will sap your vitality and your energy like nothing else.

Living YOUR Meta-Type is the Big Secret to increase energy naturally.

Why? Because it’s the truth about what your body really needs.

Dr. Dane has found that everyone falls into the category of either Fast Metabolizers, “Type-A” personalities, hyped-up, achievement-oriented, often anxious and stressed or Slow Metabolizers, “Type-B” personalities, prone to sluggish and low-energy, with somewhat depressed physical, mental and emotional states.

To achieve vitality, fast metabolizers must find ways to slow themselves down and reduce their anxiety and stress, so they can live and work from a balanced energy state!  Their anxiety and “hyper” style actually saps their energy and vitality, even though others may perceive them as “in motion” all the time!

To increase their energy, slow metabolizers must find ways to pull out of their typical sluggish, low-energy, physiological conditions and depressive emotional states that keep them from feeling vibrant and make vitality a rare experience for them!


The first step in understanding why you lose – and how to regain – your precious vital energy is to find out your Meta-Type. Just take the Free Metabolic Type Test and you’ll get the answer instantly.

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