Metabolic Balance Plan: Accelerator Meta-Type

“The whirlwind”

          Celebrating YOU, the Accelerator!                   

 The “Movers and Shakersof the World!                 

    I think, then I act decisively”

  Red is for power and strength, green as its complement


A wonderful and fun way to identify the natures of each Meta-type through my metabolic balance plan is to envision each of their personas symbolically as compared to the earliest forms of European philosophies, that of the Greek gods and goddesses. The ancient Greeks created, interacted with, and lived under the guidance of a group of diverse and powerful mythological gods and goddesses, which personify the qualities of each of the Meta-types.
Their belief system became the ancient predecessor to the more scientific exploration that explained how our world and its inhabitants psychologically work and relate together. They are usually visualized in human (or animal) form with specific personalities and well-defined traits, habits, likes, and dislikes. These gods and goddesses are the archetypes of all the energy patterns of the Meta-types (as well as the Jungian archetypes) and present easy to recognize personifications of them.
Your Meta-Type Report created with my metabolic balance plan is designed to focus on the physical, psychological, and energetic patterns of the Meta- Types, you’re fast-moving, energetic in body and personality, and are rhythmically propelled toward achievement. Constantly in motion, you build momentum from your own mental stimulation. You are the “movers, shakers, and creators” of our world.

When you think of the Accelerator Meta-Type, think of the Great God Zeus or the Goddess Athena, the empire builders, the entrepreneurs, the leaders in their fields, self-starters who persist and work hard to achieve power and prominence. 

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Words that best describe Accelerators are:

  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Domineering
  • Energetic
  • Fearless
  • Sometimes insensitive
  • Intellectual
  • Realistic
  • Strong

Embracing others, Accelerators are our true leaders  and rulers, You are complex  yet goal oriented, logical, yet openly creative.

In my metabolic balance plan, The Accelerator is the fastest moving of all the Meta-Types in terms of energy, metabolism, and personality. With your drive and natural leadership, you actively motivate people, groups, and endeavors and bring them with you to reach your vision of success.

You push progress, move through obstacles, and support the whole team to victory with confidence, encouragement, and spirit. You are wonderfully ambitious and can be driven to achieve great goals and acquire prestige, recognition, and material prosperity. You rarely back down from a challenge. However, to accomplish these goals, you may tend to be a workaholic.

Accelerators are more intellectually than emotionally driven in life and you usually “live in your head.” Often ruled by linear and rational thinking, releasing your emotions can seem difficult, perhaps even unnecessary. You may even be emotionally unavailable a good deal of the time.

Energy Level

Energetically, Accelerators are the extreme opposite of the Synthesizer Meta-Type. You are exceptionally active and seldom stop. “Rest” for you is activity, whether it’s hiking, bicycling, moving furniture, working on the computer, or exercising. Sitting down to watch a booming thunderstorm on a Saturday afternoon is not your idea of fun. You thrive on intensity, go-power, exercise, and, especially sports, which you can learn more about with my metabolic balance plan.

Peak Time of Day

Accelerators experience a peak energy time from very early morning (5:00 to 6:00 AM) to late afternoon. You’re the classic early bird, and you’re on track for that first worm. You can get most of your work done by the time others wake up, due to your powerful adrenal glands. They are most active from about 5:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

You don’t require food for energy – breakfast is not a priority – but your energy usually fades when the sun goes down. You love the sun, and warm, open, sunny climates are your ideal environment. You may have a challenging time falling asleep, especially if you’re under stress, and you could even have a tendency toward insomnia.

Stress Response   

Accelerators react to stress with anxiety, which fuels your powerful energy. You thrive on the Stress Response and love the exhilaration of its intensity and pressure. It’s what helps propel you through obstacles and into success.          

The strongest endocrine glands of the Accelerator are the adrenal glands, the “masters” of the Stress Response as well as your energy flow. Your least effective endocrine glands tend to be your sex glands, which could lead to hormonal irregularities, particularly if you become out of balance because your adrenal glands are hyperactive. An overabundance of adrenal hormones spilling into your bloodstream could suppress your other hormones, especially your sex hormones.

Accelerators normally tend not to gain weight. But if you’re under stress (which is most of the time), you can pile on those extra pounds. This weight gain comes from soaring insulin levels stimulated by the Stress Response, which can easily trigger your food cravings. Those excess pounds will accumulate on your stomach and upper body, transforming you into the quintessential “apple” shape. However, even though Accelerators think of food as purely functional, your food cravings can range from sugar, salt, and starches, to meat.

Metabolic Rate & Foods

Your Accelerator metabolic type indicates that you are a very “fast metabolizer” (your digestive system breaks down your foods quickly) but you are a “slow oxidizer” (your body burns off your energy slowly), which gives your body a pH range at the acidic end of the acid/alkaline spectrum: “strong acid”  (4.5-4).

With my metabolic balance plan, you will learn how this type of metabolism gives Accelerators the ability to handle the faster-burning carbohydrates, which you’ll burn off slowly. Therefore, you require a more vegetarian food plan; meat in your diet does not break down quickly enough and can make you very sluggish.

Importance of Staying in Balance

It’s obvious that for the Accelerator, life is demanding. It’s of the utmost importance that you stay in balance. Of all the Meta-Types, Accelerators, more than any other Meta-Type, simply don’t know how to slow down. Without staying in balance, this constant race to the top can lead to high cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, and even low blood sugar attacks. In time, your powerful adrenal glands may simply burn out.

Then, instead of falling into the next Meta-Type, the Balanced Accelerator,   Accelerators  can collapse all the way into their opposite Meta-Type, the Synthesizer. Consequently, you’ll experience situations that are totally foreign to you: fatigue, lethargy, illness, and deep depression! Read the “Pendulum Effect”  if you think you’ve swung out of your Meta-Type.

You’ve taken the important first step – identifying and learning about your Meta-Type.

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