Metabolic Balance Natural Medical Doctor:

Balanced Synthesizer Meta-Type

“Gracious & Engaging”

    Celebrating YOU, the Balanced Synthesizer!          

 TheCreative, Beautiful Homemakersof the World!

             I Feel, I Intuit, Then I’ll Act with Emotional Strength – If I’m Sure

Blue asks for communication; Peach reflects the “fervent wife or husband” within you.


A wonderful and fun way to identify the natures of each Meta-type is to envision each of their personas symbolically as compared to the earliest forms of European philosophies, that of the Greek gods and goddesses. The ancient Greeks created, interacted with, and lived under the guidance of a group of diverse and powerful mythological gods and goddesses, which personify the qualities of each of the Meta-types.
Their belief system became the ancient predecessor to the more scientific exploration that explained how our world and its inhabitants psychologically work and relate together. They are usually visualized in human (or animal) form with specific personalities and well-defined traits, habits, likes, and dislikes. These gods and goddesses are the archetypes of all the energy patterns of the Meta-types (as well as the Jungian archetypes) and present easy to recognize personifications of them.
Your Meta-Type Report is designed by a metabolic balance natural medical doctor to focus on the physical, psychological, and energetic patterns of the Meta-Types.



The Balanced Synthesizer female is the classic family woman, enabler to her partner’s success, the backbone. The Balanced Synthesizer male is devoted to the “family” at work and home, a non-conformist and sensitive. Both sexes are dominated by their emotions, often shy, and desire a partner, generous in love and in their dedication to others.

When you think of the Balanced Synthesizer Meta-Type, think of the Great God Hephaestus or Vulcan – the Worker – the Artist – the MAN or the Great Goddess Hera or Juno, The Radiant Queen – The Perfected One – The Matriarch who both find their life’s reward in caring for those closest to them, and in their own special brand of creativity, whether at home or at work. They have big hearts and will go the distance to protect and genuinely please others, providing their loved ones with the resources that will help them grow and flourish. To find more about yourself and how your energetic persona is manifested in the qualities of this God and Goddess, click here to get your Psychological In-Depth Report from a metabolic balance natural medical doctor which tells you all you need to know about YOU!      

Some words that best describe the Balanced Synthesizer are: 

  • Earthy-Humane
  • Intense
  • Introverted
  • Non-Conformist
  • Productive
  • Physical
  • Sensitive
  • Stubborn
  • Sad

Picture the classic devoted, traditional mother and wife, or father and husband, nurturing and dedicated to both their work and families.

They are the quintessential Balanced Synthesizer Meta-Types. As the name implies, the Balanced Synthesizer effectively bridges the two other Synthesizer energies within its own Meta-Type: blending the artistic drama and effervescent socializing of the Mixed Synthesizer with the Synthesizer´s dedication to family, earthiness, art, and spirituality. This combination forms the Balanced Synthesizer´s unique brand of creativity and emotional nurturing.

As a Balanced Synthesizer, your emotional essence rules your life. Your powerful intuitive faculties stimulate a deep desire to know and integrate all realms of spirituality. An intellectual powerhouse on the one hand, your emotions tend to overrule rational thought when you are stressed. Confidence does not come easily to you, and you’re often plagued by self-doubt. Because you reside in your feelings, you desire to create something as a positive outlet – with great flair, of course. To get the most out of your life, call us for the services of a metabolic balance natural medical doctor.





Energy Level and Peak Time of Day

Energetically, since Balanced Synthesizers are slow in the morning, it’s not your best time. Late morning (11:00 AM) and early to late evening are your peak energy times. Your energy gains momentum as the day progresses, but you can easily have a deep energy drop in the afternoon. In the evening, you again gain energy and you can work into the night if you need to finish a project. You can fall asleep instantly, but you do require plentiful amounts of sleep that enable you to regenerate and function well. Without proper rest, you can easily fall ill. Balanced Synthesizers also must eat regularly to maintain a continuous energy flow. Exercise may not be one of your favorite things, but you do need robust exercise, like running or cardiovascular routines. They’ll make you feel much better and will increase your stamina. A metabolic balance natural medical doctor can help with finding positive steps to take with improving your cardiovascular health

Stress Response

Balanced Synthesizers have a very low tolerance for stress and stressful situations since your adrenal glands (“masters” of the Stress Response) are not one of your major power sources. Therefore, your reaction to stress is usually depression and internalized anxiety, which can lead you into deep fatigue, lethargy, and illness.

The Balanced Synthesizer’s strongest endocrine gland is the pancreas, the “master” of your digestion and blood sugar stability. Your least effective endocrine gland is your thymus gland, the “master” of your immunity followed by your thyroid gland. If you’re out of balance or run down from stress, you may have difficulties with illness, such as colds, flu, or just plain fatigue.

The Balanced Synthesizer in you thinks of food as one of life’s more pleasurable experiences and eagerly looks forward to three meals a day, especially dinner.

However, you can gain weight very easily because the endocrine glands that rule metabolism and energy, your adrenal and thyroid glands, tend to be your least effective glands. If your powerhouse pancreas becomes imbalanced due to prolonged stress, you may also experience low blood sugar drops and high insulin spikes that will cause you to pile on extra pounds, especially on your hips and thighs. That will also trigger those awful food cravings for sugar and starches. Try to remember that sugar and generous amounts of carbohydrates are dramatically unhealthy for you.

Metabolic Rate & Foods

The Balanced Synthesizer Meta-Type indicates that you are quite a “slow metabolizer” (your digestive system breaks down your foods very slowly) but you are a “speedier oxidizer” (your body burns off energy from your food very quickly). This gives you a pH range toward the end of the acid/alkaline spectrum, on the alkaline side: “alkaline forming” (7) – interestingly enough, the same pH as blood (7).

This type of metabolism gives you, the Balanced Synthesizer, very little ability to handle fast-burning carbohydrates because you’ll burn them off way too quickly, causing a blood sugar drop. Your food plan must have as its foundation the slower-burning foods, proteins. Consequently, you require a carnivore diet, with the emphasis on protein — fish, fowl, eggs, and meat-as well as an abundance of root vegetables.

Importance of Staying in Balance

As a Balanced Synthesizer, you integrate the emotional passion, creativity, and mental brilliance of the Mixed Synthesizer with the deeply emotional, maternal, and spiritual essence of the Synthesizer to form your own special brand of intuitive genius. To keep your stability in this powerfully emotional and energetic sea of creativity is no small feat. If you are pulled out of balance by stress, catapulting you into the intensity of the Mixed Synthesizer´s energy, you can end up using your head more than your heart. Sexuality could become more an outlet for your stress, rather than a human bonding. A metabolic balance natural medical doctor can provide advice on reaching that balance.

The Balanced Synthesizer´s love of three meals per day may give way to sensuous binging which will throw your power gland, the pancreas, out of balance. This could lead to sugar cravings, blood sugar slumps, hypoglycemia, irritability, depression, and fatigue.

Unable to withstand the Stress Response for any long-term period, your adrenal glands will begin to cave in. Your least effective gland, your thyroid gland, could grind to a halt, causing continuous weight gain, terrible fatigue, and even deeper depression. You’ll become vulnerable to all illnesses, especially colds, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, and even pneumonia. You ultimately will crash – into the Meta-Type just below you, the Synthesizer. Ensconced in the grip of the Synthesizer´s unfamiliar slow energy, you’ll find yourself emotionally paralyzed and depressed, unable to make any decisions with intuitive clarity. The only colors you’ll see are gray and black. If you think you may have swung out of your Meta-Type, read about the “Pendulum Effect.”

Therefore, learning all about your Balanced Synthesizer MetaType will allow you to know what your body truly needs in terms of food, exercise, and lifestyle to sustain your pace and be true to yourself. You’ll discover that all your health issues deal not only with your body but also with your mind, emotions, intellect, heart, and spirit. Staying in balance within your Balanced Synthesizer MetaType will help you live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life so you can make use of the skills and talents that are uniquely you.



You’ve taken the important first step – identifying and learning about your Meta-Type.

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