Metabolic Balance Program         

How to Make Your Metabolic Type Tick!

Your personal metabolic type profile learned in my alternative health therapy program gives you the unique ways in which your body breaks down food into micro-nutrients – to be utilized either for tissue repair, ce-ll regeneration or energy. It also will teach you what types of food you require, the best energetic times for you, how much sleep you need and even what is your personality!

Dr. Dane’s revolutionary parallel between the two energy regulators of Western science and the two energy aspects of Eastern philosophy has resulted in a system of understanding how our bodies and our personalities function energetically.

Achieving Balance

By bridging your body’s energy and metabolism with your personality, Dr. Dane’s program unites mind, body, and spirit into an authentic holistic medical model. That’s what makes her program so successful.                                                                

Dr. Dane’s plan works because it’s customized to your own body type … your Metabolic Type, which she calls your “Meta-Type. Her approach celebrates the physical differences among us humans and teaches us how to find a health regimen suitable to our individual metabolism.

The force that drives metabolism in your body is described in Eastern philosophy as universal energy and is composed of both male and female energy united and as One, known as Yin (feminine energy) and Yang (masculine energy). Yin and Yang are opposing forces and cannot exist without each other. These two energies control and balance our universe, the earth and all that inhabits the earth. Both forms of energy co-exist within each of us.

Eastern philosophy views every individual per his or her unique combination of Yin/Yang energies pulsing throughout their bodies which always must be kept in balance. That balance controls each person’s unique body and metabolism. Therefore, we each have our own unique specific needs that guide us in every aspect of our body’s requirements, especially in what foods we need and how we break down our food for tissue repair, cell regeneration, and energy.

Some people have stronger Yin-based feminine energy and their body and metabolism are governed by the need to facilitate, repair and regenerate the body’s cellular structure. They are governed by the process of synthesizing, assimilating, and building-up their powers to create and regenerate. I refer to this type of energies expressed in mankind as the Synthesizer Meta-Types which represent the Yin end of this spectrum of metabolic types and are the nurturing, artistic, and compassionate people of our world.

Others carry primarily Yang-based masculine energy and their body and metabolism are governed by the need to quickly produce, activate and utilize energy. This includes the processes that produce and expend energy and break down substances such as food, air, or water into the simplest components of pure energy.

I refer to this type of energies expressed in mankind as the Accelerator Meta-Types, who are completely opposite Synthesizers and are the movers and shakers of the world.

Synthesizers as vegetarians can become sickly and weak, while Accelerators on the same dietare robust and healthy. Synthesizers who consume mainly protein daily remain in excellent physical shape, while Accelerators on the same diet would suffer extreme sluggishness and a cholesterol “blow out.”

Western science sees our metabolism driven by the body’s nervous system which is divided into two parts – the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls our metabolic processes, and is ALSO divided into two parts, the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems (again duality).

The parasympathetic nervous system keeps our bodies running smoothly. It’s the source of the rhythm behind our breathing, the regularity of our heartbeat, the efficiency of our digestion and the repair and regeneration of our body providing balance and stability. The effect on our metabolism is to help us slow down, cool out, rest and rejuvenate.

The sympathetic nervous system keeps us poised for action. It prepares the body for the activities of life giving us the ability to expend energy in situations that call for strenuous physical activity, enduring emotional stress, or emergencies that call for the body’s “fight or flight” response. It’s effect on our metabolism speeds us up, moves us forward, and makes sure we get things done.

These two, interdependent parts of the nervous system work together. Impulses from one set of nerve fibers activate, while impulses from the other set inhibit to create and maintain your body’s balance which is the key to a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Bringing together the philosophies of both Eastern and Western worlds, you can see that we are governed in varying degrees by either the Yin feminine energy/Parasympathetic nervous system or Yang masculine energy/Sympathetic nervous system.

The Parasympathetic/Yin metabolic profile is known as the Synthesizer Meta-Types  and the Sympathetic/Yang metabolic profile is known as the Accelerator Meta-Types. Under the Accelerator Profile, there are 3 types: Accelerator, the Balanced Accelerator, and Mixed Accelerator.


Under the Synthesizer Profile we have three types: Synthesizer, the Balanced Synthesizer, and the Mixed Synthesizer.

The KEY to you RESTORING YOUR BALANCE in life is to find out WHO YOU ARE and what your body really needs in terms of food, energy, physical and emotional health and BALANCE. To do this, takAe the FREE Meta-Type Profile Questionnaire and follow the Metabolic Balance Program for your Meta-type.

The Five Cornerstones of the Metabolic Balance Program

Before you take the Meta-Type test that enables you to know WHO YOU REALLY ARE and change your life forever, let’s look at the five cornerstones of the Metabolic Balance Program which makes my program work. If you follow the five cornerstones, you’ll be successful in reaching whatever goal you desire, weight loss, weight gain, great health, peace and harmony. They’ll spell out success for you, even if you’ve tried and  failed repeatedly to control your weight or health.

First Cornerstone

You must FIRST determine if you are a healthy vegetarian, a healthy omnivore (½ protein – ½ carbohydrates) or a healthy protein-eating carnivore by taking the Meta-Type Test.

The Accelerator categories require a semi-vegetarian to vegetarian diet, while the Synthesizer categories a semi-omnivore to carnivore diet. Carbohydrates are the fastest burning foods while animal proteins burn off slowly and fats burn off the slowest This is why the metabolic types require different foods.

The Accelerator’s lean to being fast metabolizers because they’re driven by their strong energy producing endocrine glands (the adrenals, thymus and thyroid glands) which speed up how they break down food, converts it to energy and utilizes that energy. Their food breaks down quickly, it mixes with less oxygen in the stomach. When the oxygen-free nutrients reach the cells and transform into energy (ATP), that energy will burn off at a slower pace providing long-term energy (oxygen incites energy to burn at a rapid rate).

The Accelerators also have less nerve stimulation to those organs of digestion and regeneration (pancreas, stomach, small intestine and colon) so they tend to produce less stomach acid (HCL-hydrochloric acid). With their ability to burn off energy at a smoother pace with a lowered production of stomach acid, the Accelerator categories require the lighter, faster burning and easier to digest carbohydrates. If the Accelerators eat heavier proteins, they’ll feel sluggish and lethargic. The leisurely digesting proteins require ample stomach acid for digestion and would also burn off too slowly as energy.

The Synthesizer’s lean to being slow metabolizers. The organs and endocrine glands of repair and regeneration energize them (the pituitary, pancreas and sex glands). They have little nerve stimulation to the powerful energy producing glands of the Accelerators that stimulate fast food breakdown. Synthesizer’s foods tend to digest slowly and mix with ample oxygen in the stomach.

When the oxygen-rich nutrients reach the cells converting into energy, they burn off at rapid rate (“air fans fire”).

With abundant nerve stimulation to the digestive and regenerative organs, the Synthesizer’s produce ample stomach acid. Therefore, the Synthesizer’s need and require the slower burning heavier proteins. If they eat lighter, fast-burning carbohydrates, the resultant energy burns too rapidly, triggering a swift energy spike followed by a rapid energetic slump.

They end up with lethargy and fatigue. Sugar cravings will begin to recapture that energy high. The pancreas overproduces insulin trying to maintain a steady flow of the body’s blood sugar. Instead of turning the blood sugar into stored energy in the muscles and liver, insulin’s action turns it to fat and you become an instant fat-factory.

REMEMBER: Fast metabolizers break down their food and transform it into energy rapidly – but use the energy slowly (slow oxidizing). Slow metabolizers break down their food and transform it into energy slowly –but burn it off rapidly (fast oxidizers). Slow in – fast out; fast in – slow out.

When we look at the three Accelerator Meta-types and three Synthesizer Meta-types, the percentage of animal proteins to carbohydrates for each would look something like this:

The Second Cornerstone

You must discover the accurate acid to alkaline balance for YOUR meta-type.

Each Meta-type is controlled by a certain endocrine gland that controls certain organs of the body, i.e. the regenerative Yin Parasympathetic energy stimulates the Pituitary gland, which controls the whole repair and regeneration of the body. The Pancreas gland rules digestion and blood sugar stability and the Sex Glands are responsible for reproduction and sexuality.

The powerful Yang Sympathetic energy stimulates the Adrenal glands, responsible for producing energy for the “fight or flight” Stress Response, daily activity and supporting metabolism in our body. The Thymus gland governs the immune system and the Thyroid gland is responsible for our basic metabolism (the body utilizes energy) and energy production. Together, these functions control and are responsible for the different metabolic profiles found in people.

Based upon a person’s genetic predisposition, an individual will fall under one of these categories exhibiting a dominant endocrine gland and an opposing weaker one. This helps to determine what their preferences are to certain interests, emotions, intellect, metabolism, and lifestyle – why some dance and some study math, why some are outgoing, others shy, why some eat for consolation, and others forget food when they’re upset.

Eastern Medicine states that the high-energy Yang metabolism is acid by nature. The slower Yin metabolism is alkaline by nature. The acid or alkaline nature of an individual indicates the acid or alkaline pH value of their blood, lymph and tissue and also what foods they require.

The pH values between the alkaline to acid natures runs approximately from 8 – 7.5 to the 4.5 – 4 range:

The following chart illustrates the six main metabolic profiles:

FOOD is also divided into acid and alkaline divisions, but when we speak of the acid or alkaline pH of foods, we’re referring to the nature of the end products that foods leave in your body after they’ve been digested, not foods in their uncooked or cooked state.For instance, lemons are more acid in their raw state but their end- product or residue is more alkaline.  This residue refers to the ‘ash’ or the end-product of a food after it’s broken down in the body and stored in fat cells. This will create more acid or alkaline blood and body conditions which can lead to either a healthy, slim, toned and vibrant body or a body subject to disease.

One of the key secrets to HEALTH, losing weight and keeping it off is to eat the right acid or alkaline foods to stabilize each Meta-type’s acid or alkaline base. Accelerator’s tend to be acidic in varying degrees and require the more alkaline balancing foods found in green leafy vegetables and fruits, while the alkaline producing Synthesizer’s benefit from the more acid forming foods found in proteins.

For instance, the pure Accelerator (very fast metabolism) is the most acid of all the Meta-types and requires the opposite foods of the pH spectrum, strong alkaline, to stabilize their metabolism. The Accelerator’s diet should contain foods that are strong alkaline, alkaline, weak alkaline and weak acid. Foods that are acid forming should be seldom eaten if at all and foods that are the same as their own pH values – strong acid – should be avoided.

The higher the Calcium content, the more alkaline the food residue will be and the higher the Phosphorus content the more acid the residue. Meat is high in acidic residue and is a perfect energetic food for the Synthesizers, while leafy green vegetables are a reliable source of calcium – very alkaline in nature – and a perfect calming food for Accelerators.

The Third Cornerstone

You must ascertain the best time of day and the amount of food to eat for each Meta-type.   

The time of day as well as the amount of food each metabolic profile eats is significant to having a healthy body, losing those excess pounds quickly and maintaining that new look for life.  Each Meta-type has amp natural energy during the hours when their dominant endocrine gland is active (remember the larks and the night-owls). During that time, they  don’t need the additional energy liberated from food. But they will need to eat for energy when their strongest gland is at its weakest point, as well as for the body’s regeneration.

The following chart illustrates the appropriate meal times and amounts for each Meta-type:

The Fourth Cornerstone

Is to learn how to properly combine foods for your Meta-type profile to regain a healthy body, facilitate a rapid balance of your weight  and not overburden your digestion which will help you to feel light and energetic.


  • Proteins don’t combine well with grains or starchy vegetables.
  • Slightly starchy or non-starchy vegetables can be eaten with grains or proteins.
  • Fruits should be eaten by themselves or at least ½ hour before or after a meal.

I do include some fruits in the Meta-Type Cuisine and Lifestyle Plans that are rich in enzymes that quickly help to break down body fat. The principles of Food Combining are all explained in each Meta-Type’s Cuisine and Lifestyle Plan and in my book, Your Body, Your Diet, under the chapter, “Guidelines for Healthy Living”.

The Fifth Cornerstone

To obtain, use and integrate into your life, your Meta-Type’s Psychological In-Depth Report,  Cuisine and Lifestyle Plan, Supplement Program, Exercise and Body Points Plan, Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Remedies Plan and Compatibility with Other Meta-types Reports.

All these individualized Meta-Type Reports will balance, harmonize and stabilize you to become the person you always knew you were! They will show you how to stabilize  your dominant endocrine gland keeping it from over or under acting while stimulating and supporting your corresponding weaker gland helping to eliminate food cravings while normalizing and stimulating your body’s regeneration and weight balance.

In your Meta-Type, Psychological In-depth Report, you’ll find all the tools and guidelines enabling you to reach your greatest potential and learn about yourself and your personality.

In your Meta-Type Cuisine and Lifestyle Plan and Supplement Reports you’ll discover a whole new way of eating delicious, whole foods and the learning about the vitamins and minerals essential to your Meta-Type.

The Exercise & Body Points Report tells you just the right type of exercise for you and also gives you your own unique individual body points to stimulate (as in acupressure) to maintain a healthy body, to balance your weight and keep it stable resulting in a balanced and harmonious YOU.

The Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Report, as well as the Compatibility Report, are the “icing on the cake” giving you the most subtle but strongest energetic balance for your Meta-Type personality and body .

Find Your Meta-Type!

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    • After you’ve studied the Introduction to Your Meta-Type Booklet, start implementing the recommendations it suggests into your lifestyle, then take a look at the other reports for your Meta-type: your  Meta-Type Psychological In-Depth Report, Meta-Type Cuisine and Lifestyle PlanMeta-Type Supplements ReportMeta-Type Exercise and Body Points Report, Meta-Type Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Report and the Meta-Type Compatibility Report.
      • Find the Right Health Products for Your Metabolism. Visit the Health Products Store to find Dr. Dane’s line of holistic Supplements, designed for your Meta-Type, that can help your body achieve its natural balance.
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