The Pendulum Effect


When A Metabolic Type “Flips” Out of Type

You may not have had an easy time determining your Metabolic Type. The common cause for this is that many people are usually under so much stress, that their “true” metabolism shifts to become either hyper or hypo-active. That shift causes them to “flip” or catapult out of their “true or normal” meta-type into a different Meta-Type altogether.

Meta-Types “Flip Out” Differently

Just as each of the six Meta-Types have their own personalities, characteristics and physical behaviors, so does each type have its own way to become “unbalanced”. Each of the six Meta-Types have a dominant endocrine gland that ‘runs the show’ in other words, that stimulates most of their energy.Out of balance

Each Meta-Type automatically has a natural affinity for the food groups that stimulate their strongest endocrine gland which gives them that ‘energy high’, such as salt which stimulates the Accelerator’s adrenal glands. If a person is tired, sick or under physical, emotional or mental stress, they begin overeating these foods to gain that ‘energy high’ and so they become “comfort foods”.

Their dominant endocrine gland becomes over-stimulated causing food sensitivity to those specific foods and possible allergic reactions but NOT giving the body what it nutritionally needs. This individual is now in a hyperactive state and out of balance, so those foods are needed in greater amounts. But the dominant gland can’t sustain that much stimulation without being given the right nutrients.

So, its ability to operate begins to decline and becomes weak giving rise to “cravings” for those specific foods. In time, the endocrine gland’s inevitable collapse occurs and you’ll be in a hypo-active state.

When a Meta-Type slips significantly out of balance, I say that he or she “flips” out of their healthy and natural meta-type into one in which their body finds it difficult to sustain. You remember the comment: “They haven’t been acting like themselves lately.” I call this effect – the Pendulum Effect”.

PendulumA non-stop continued response to stress and reaching for the wrong foods eliminates the body’s ability to regain its balance and can cause a person’s own metabolic profile to become hyperactive. If the stress greatly intensifies, it can cause them to soar right into a higher profile putting added pressure on that higher profile’s endocrine glands.

For instance, a Mixed Accelerator, whose strong endocrine gland is the thyroid gland continues to be hyperactive and under continual stress, can skyrocket right into the higher Meta-Type’s profile, the Balanced Accelerator, whose strong gland is the thymus gland which is a much weaker gland in their body and that will make it impossible for their body to sustain that energetic high. They are now in a very hyperactive state.

  Unable to sustain their energy at that high level of stress, the Mixed Accelerator will begin swinging back – like a pendulum – passing right out of their natural type and spiraling down into the Mixed Synthesizer profile. Now, they’ve become hypoactive. They’ll continue in this fashion until the stress abates, they become ill or they have learned how to control their stress.

When the Six Meta-Types “Flip Out” of Type

The ACCELERATOR Categories



Happy people

The Accelerators are high-powered, energetic Type A personalities and are the ‘movers and shakers’ of this world. They naturally have an already high metabolic rate and the stress response can cause their metabolic rate to speed even higher. If the stress response continues for extended periods of time, their bodies retain the nutrients that stimulate and excite their system, such as: vitamins A, B², B³ [niacin], B5 [pantothenic acid] and the minerals: potassium, zinc, manganese, iron and magnesium), while losing the nutrients that calm and relax (such as: the amino acids tryptophan, glutamine, GABA and the mineral: calcium.

Their body loses its ability to calm itself. Their anxiety levels zoom to new heights stimulating addictive habit patterns, allergic reactions can sky-rocket, their blood pressure shoots up, their system eventually can’t sustain this pace and it starts breaking down.  Eventually, their energy producing dominate endocrine glands dominated by the sympathetic nervous system become thoroughly exhausted.

The Accelerator’s unbalanced metabolism “flips” them out of their own Meta-type and into the Synthesizer category ending up in a ‘hypo-active’ state relying on their weaker glands (the pituitary, pancreas and sex glands) dominated by the parasympathetic nervous system for energy and sustenance. They become horribly lethargic, moody and isolated.

In a “hypo-active” state, their parasympathetic glandular system begins to weaken spiraling them on a downward spin including the beginnings of depression. They now require volumes of food that can be 30 percent larger than their normal food intake and now require it cooked, because they can’t break down and absorb nutrients. Their digestion slows to a halt.

Or if they remain “hyper-active” without flipping into the Synthesizer category, their anxiety levels double and triple, their insulin levels sky-rocket, they gain weight, their blood pressure and cholesterol rise and they just can’t calm down. They find it extremely difficult to pull out of this state as their emotions become buried in a mire of anxiety. Heart attacks and strokes could be right around the corner.

ExplosionOn and on go the Accelerators until they crash again, further being “flipped” into a deeper downward spiral. In this state, they’re really feeling un-well and sick most of the time.  

The last “somersault,” is the worst one of all when they finally flip into a state, where their bodies have become totally inefficient and can absorb only 10 to 15 what they eat. By now, the chronic and degenerative stages of disease have set in.


The SYNTHESIZER Categories



The Synthesizer’s, are happy, calm, “nothing makes me angry”, Type B personalities. They are slow movers but powerful and possess a great deal of reserve energy. When stress becomes intensified in the Synthesizers, it’s action shuts down their slower physical metabolic rate because their less effective ‘metabolic boosting glands’, the thyroid and adrenal endocrine glands, are busy stimulating and sustaining their body’s response to stress. Their glucose production speeds up triggering the pancreas gland to produce high levels of insulin, immediately turning the glucose into fat rather than it being stored in the muscles as energy.

The Synthesizers easily exhaust their sympathetic nervous system’s glands, (the adrenals, thyroid and thymus glands) being highly stimulated by the stress response as well as their own dominant endocrine gland in trying to keep up with the action generated by the stress. With their energy producing glands and their own dominant endocrine gland exhausted, they “flip” downward into deeper energetic levels of their strong parasympathetic nervous system.

Out of BalanceThey now need the energy produced by other endocrine glands in their body which are dominant in the other Met-Types, i.e., the Synthesizer (the pituitary gland), Balanced Synthesizer (the pancreas gland), Mixed Synthesizer (sex glands) or Mixed Accelerator (the thyroid gland). With undue pressure put upon their body’s less effective endocrine glands (the pituitary, pancreas, sex glands) they begin to react to the energies of that less effective gland and start displaying the characteristics of that endocrine gland’s dominant Meta-Type.

For instance, the pure Synthesizercan “flip” right up into sympathetic nervous system dominant Accelerator Meta-Type even though their pituitary and adrenal glands are exhausted or down into the Balanced Synthesizer Meta-Type if undue pressure is put on their pancreas gland or even the Mixed Synthesizer if the energetic needs are placed on the sex glands.

When out of balance, the Synthesizers can become irritable, high-strung and have insomnia. They can even become an “emotional monster” to friends and family. Their usually ‘happy’ emotions turn into negative ‘thunderstorms’ or are repressed to the point where they become virtually paralyzed.

Road RageWith the Synthesizers weakened sympathetic nervous system which can’t sustain the pressure, it begins to “crash”. Their blood sugar levels “yo-yo’,” finally soaring then plummeting to disastrous levels from insulin over-production, causing horrific fatigue and terrible weight gain.

Their weakened adrenals can’t sustain the challenge of the heightened stress response and they constantly go from high-to-low causing anxiety-to-depression. They finally “collapse,” plunging them into severe depressions. They eat out of emotional need and to get energy. Their weight gain sky-rockets, irritability ensues and illness begins to raise its ugly head.

At this point, the Synthesizers are hardly getting any nutrients from their food.  They need greater quantities of food to absorb any nutrients at all and their weigh doubles and triples. Finally, there is no place else for their body to go.  Their health is in serious trouble and they need to make significant changes quickly.

If you’ve flipped out of type, there is no need to stay out of balance

When you’ve flipped out of type, there is no need to stay out of balance. That’s because Dr. Dane’s Metabolic Balance Program for each of the six Meta-Types includes certain clearly defined steps that are guaranteed to restore balance by returning you back to your natural meta-type; you can be your normal, happy, healthy self.

When you’ve answered the questions in the Meta-Type Test and have found that you are almost evenly divided into two types – you are in the ‘Pendulum Effect”. You have been exhibiting habits of either the hyper or hypo profile as well as your own. Use the profile with the highest number of answers – even if it is only by 1 point. Then, use the programs (Food Plan, Supplement Report and Exercise Report) for that Meta-Type. In 3 to 6 months, TAKE THE TEST again. You’ll find your answers will be different, and you’ll be closer to your own natural meta-type.

The information in the following links: “The Stress and Metabolic Breakdown” , “Restoring Balance”  and “Relief from Pain and Illness” will be useful for those of you who are in or have been in ‘The Pendulum Effect’ and will help you to recognize your hyper or hypo active state as well as your natural meta-type. 

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