CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid, 1000 mg



The PUFA family of fatty acids is a close-knit family!! Linolenic acid and Arachidonic acid can be synthesized in your body from Linoleic acid which MUST be supplied by outside sources. Safflower oil is a rich source of linoleic acid and can be used in salad dressings, vegetables, etc. But it must not be cooked, heated or fried.


Heat destroys the chemical bond structure of the PUFA fat and turns it into SAFA, with inflexible bonds and can block your veins and arteries – hello Stroke and Heart Attack! My suggestion is to take one or two of 1000 mg capsules of pure Linoleic Acid daily, along with one or two soft gels of Essential Fatty Acid Complex so that you know that you are providing your Immune System and its warriors the food and stimulation they must have to be a major fighting machine. The supplement is called Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA. In this age pf pandemic viruses running rampantly worldwide, I wouldn’t be without it! 60 Soft gel capsules, 1000mg.

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